Sunday, February 3, 2008

Newsflash!! Invisibility Syndrome strikes again!!

There is a new syndrome making the rounds. Could this be the beginning of an epidemic? It appears that people under a certain age, or perhaps height, become suddenly vulnerable to attacks of invisibilty upon entering grocery stores. This leaves them particularly susceptible to bashings from shopping carts, and continual pushing from towering Amazonian adults. Suggested remedies include strapping these small folks into carts, attaching stilts or having them walk in a bubble.

Ok, so I exaggerate a little. But really - are you REALLY not seeing my 5 year old as she's walking down the aisle? Is she so unobtrusive that you cannot maneuver your shopping cart around her instead of running into her before walking on without so much as an apology? Personally, I find that a child that size can be mighty "present" in my world and I am very aware of where she is. Come to think of it, her 3 year old brother is no less present, and I question his affliction also.

Is it too much to ask that when I go shopping with my children, who are usually VERY well behaved, that people not continuously run into them, push past them or step on them? Would it also be too much to ask that if you DO run into them inadvertently, that you might actually SAY something?

I did comment to one lady after the ran into my daughter for the 2nd time... "You could at least say sorry to her" and was told in a VERY loving way (hehe) that had I been "more in control" of my daughter or if she "knew her limits" that it wouldn't have happened, and why "should she apologize to someone who is only five or six".

It's amazing what conflict ones body goes through when trying to decide whether to laugh hysterically at such foolish and naive comments or whether to slug the troglodyte who just uttered them. I chose instead to sneer at her, mutter under my breath, call her a cow and walk away, making a mental note to crash into HER cart next time I encountered her.

I cannot imagine being quite so blind and self absorbed that I don't notice others around me, regardless of their age or stature. Seriously. What a crock.

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