Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tired Thursday


I missed giving you all a laugh on Hump Day, so I'm settling for a flashback to my past for Tired Thursday.

 Back in 2006, I was so mightily ticked off by this occurence that I felt the need to write in to the blog of AJ & Crash from Jack FMs morning show and express myself. Recent events have brought it to the forefront of my mind again, so I am sharing with you what I wrote back then.

 Yes, I am still that cynical and outspoken. And I am proud of it. Foto Friday tomorrow.

 So how stupid are WE?? And by we, I mean, humans as a whole.I'm sitting in the car the other night and the radio's playin (thankfully not my beloved JACK FM) ....some crap song, and then this chick comes and is all like "So, I just got a call from a guy and we wanna warn you that there's a road block at ....." .Ok, so maybe it's just me, but how incredibly freaking stupid are we to ALLOW this? Yeah ok, it's annoying as all heck to go through a roadblock..

"Have you had anything to drink tonight ma'am?"

"Not a drop officer"

"Drive through"

I mean, if they're just going to believe you like that, then what the hell is the point? But I digress.... So this moron calls in to the radio to report the roadblock (and warn all his moron friends not to go that way) and the bigger moron of a DJ actually AIRS it!!

Some of you are probably sitting there thinking "yeah? so what?". Well, I'll tell you what. I didn't have too much of a problem when people were calling in to report the radar traps and so on. I happen to be a person with a bit of a lead foot myself and goodness knows I don't need a ticket. But the road blocks? Those are touted in the media as being a "counterattack" against drunk driving. And so they should be. While I may have a lead foot, and go 10 or 15...or sometimes 20 over the speed limit, I'd have to be pretty freakin stupid to drive drunk. And that's the point of their little "counterattack" cut down in the drunk driving, so we don't have quite so many of you morons out there killing yourselves.

My point is, why WHY would you call in and report something like that...and more to the point why would you (again not on JACK), as a radio host, AIR it?? You might as well get on the radio and say "Just a shout out to all my drunk buddies driving might wanna go crash your car over THERE, cos there's cops over here that're gonna nail your ass to a tree if they smell those 10 tequila shots on your breath."

If you're that worried about road blocks....take a freakin TAXI!!!!

It must drive MADD nuts to hear those things on the radio! All the money they pour into those gross commercials and the effort they put into talking to the idiot teenagers at schools to get them not to do it and then some idiot radio host goes and does something like that.

Geez! Gimme a break the radars, not the road blocks...or neither. Grow up! Don't drink and drive. However....if you insist on doing it, I know a couple good places where we can get a deal on some gravestones.

Beer anyone?

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