Thursday, April 3, 2008

All hail "Le Grande Fromage" !!

Last month I attended the PAC meeting at my daughter's school as per usual. I like to at least pretend I have an interest in what is happening at the school and what new forms of torture teaching that they are coming up with these days. I also was performing my obligatory duties as Secretary, taking the minutes and all that jazz. The difference last month was that it was election night.

I'm going to pause on that train of thought for a moment to just briefly mention that out of all the schools in town, ours has one of the best turnouts to PAC. At any given meeting, we have on average about 20 to 25 people show up compared to 7 to 10 people at other schools.

So, bearing that in mind, imagine my shock when I arrived for the election night meeting and there was about half our normal turnout. Shocked and baffled that people would not show up for a meeting where they could potentially be nominated for the executive, I resolved to beat and maim the offenders when next I saw them.

I had gone to this meeting with the intention of retaining my position as Secretary and vowing to never again raise my hand to volunteer for anything ever again. Sadly, 'twas not to be. As nominations were made and people given the chance to turn down any position that they found themselves up for, we found ourselves with a few positions sitting empty. Of course, all the chicken shits lovely folks in the room pretended not to notice this fact as they gorged on sushi and drank tea, while a few of us pondered our new predicament.

I may have mentioned before that I have an overwhelming need to act like a puppy and please people - do my best to help where needed. As a result of this unfortunate (??) trait, I found myself putting my hand up and saying "I'll do it".

I now find myself with the dubious title of "President" a.k.a. El Presidente.


Ahh yes. My life is complete. I will never need another bag of chips or cold beer so long as I am President of the PAC.

All jesting aside, I am actually looking forward to this job. The big heavy binder that was thrust so heavily in my direction last night has turned into a much needed doorstop. The spare time that I was having so much trouble trying figure out how to fill, is no longer a problem.

And I get to be much more involved with the school. I will now know most of what is happening in that small little world that my daughter lives in every day. That fact alone makes any hecticness that I may encounter totally worth it.

All hail ME! Perhaps I should wear a crown to my first meeting in my new role?

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