Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello? Tech Support?

The past few days have really hit something home for me. I rely far too much on the internet.

On Monday, I called into our ISP to sort a few things out and while I was yakking it up with the young lad on the other end of the phone, he mentioned that I could save a whole five smackeroos on our monthly bill if I did one simple thing. Instead of continuing to rent our modem, he could switch it over to say we now owned it and we'd save money. Great! Sounds good to me, hook me up.

Tuesday morning, as I was gearing up to post my Tasty Tuesday treats, I noticed a horrible anomaly in the world of the Mad Woman. No internet!?! No problem. Power cycle the modem and the router. No go. Shut down and restart the computers. No go. Throw a hissy fit, scream and yell, stomp the feet and threaten both computers and the modem that if they don't decide to start doing their job "stat" that I will throw them out the window.

They just sat there like the big lumps of metal and plastic that they are and did nothing. Ungrateful little wretches. See if I upgrade your RAM and hard drives next year. I'll buy myself a new computer instead.

It dawned on me at some point (probably when I found myself threatening inanimate objects) that I should probably put a call through to tech support before I totally lost it.

It's not that I am totally reliant on the internet but as my previous ramblings may have mentioned, I am now the PAC President at the school and I happened to have a meeting on Tuesday night that I needed to have access to my email for, not to mention being able to do research for my book and chat with my buds on Crackbook. So, trembling as I dialed, the call was made.

Tech: Thank you for calling _______. How can I help you today?

MW: Umm yeah, my internet isn't working and it doesn't seem to matter how much I threaten them, they just sit there.

Tech: Ok, have you tried power cycling the modem?

MW: Um yes. It seemed my only option after the lack of response to my stern lecture.

Tech: Well I'm not showing anything on your account that might indicate that we've disconnected you, so I'm not really sure what is going on.

MW: Any chance it could have caused a snafu in the system when we were switched from renting to owning our modem?

Tech: Oh no no no. That would never happen. We're very on top of things that way. I'll send a technician out to have a look at it. Earliest we can send them is tomorrow, how's that for you. Sometime between 8:30 and 4:30.

MW: Hm. Any chance of narrowing that down a bit?

Tech: No sorry. Well, thanks for calling ________. Have a good day now.


Given that Hotty Hubby is in the kind of industry where he makes service calls, I fully understand the inability to pick a firm time to stop by, but it would be lovely to not have to sit around the house all day and wait for someone to come by. I could be doing something useful and........ Wait a minute. Forget I said anything. That sounds like a great plan.

Yesterday, the technician arrived (at 12:30 for those who care) and went straight to work in the bedroom. He poked and prodded, turned on - turned off, twisted and pulled and even lit up a couple times. The computer and modem were feeling pretty good by this point I figure. But no result. The poor techie was feeling a bit inadequate I think. He concluded that a divorce was in order, threw out the old modem and replaced it with a younger, sleeker version. And then he left.

Cold, man. Cold.

Of course, three hours later I was still getting the cold shoulder from the technology in my house, so I made a second call to Tech Support. It was pretty much a replay of the first time, and again the technician arrived at my house and made a beeline for the bedroom to play with the electronics.

15 minutes later he was back down proclaiming all was right with my life again and I could access the internet. By jove, I believe he's right! Then he said this:

"So I had to call through to our Tech Support and after it turns out that when they switched you over from renting to owning your modem, something went wrong administratively and no one noticed"


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