Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I want to brag a minute

**WARNING- Sappy Post Ahead***

There is someone in my life who I would like to brag about for a moment. While I have only known this person for 7 years, I feel like I have known him forever. From the very first moment we met, it felt like we were open books. The first night we walked all over Victoria. He took me up the steepest hills, to parts of town I had never seen before. We walked for so long and made each other laugh. At some point we ended up back at his apartment and stayed up all night talking.

In the 7 years since that night, we have seen 6 different apartments and houses and even been through about 10 couches. We've had two children and been through some incredible highs and lows. And we've made it through it all. This man has put up with my tendency to put up the highest walls around myself and even my penchant for walking away in the middle of an argument. Sorry - "Discussion".

I have found it incredibly hard in the past to be able to talk things through and would prefer instead to ignore what is happening around me in the hopes that it will get bored and go away. Not the best way to foster good relations in your marriage. Recently however, I was encouraged to rid myself of this horrible habit, and it's been incredibly freeing. I thank this man for this development and now we talk about everything.

I have two of the cutest children ever, and while I frequently refer to them as "spawn" and "hellions", I love them to death and this man is to thank for that.

He has worked his ass off to support our family and oftentimes it is thankless work. He loves us, he cares for us, he supports us and he plays with us. We enjoy cuddles and snuggles, hugs and kisses, woogies and wedgies and frequent visits from the tickle monster. He takes the attitude from the kids. Ok, and from me.

This man is the rock of this family and the (*warning - cliche moment*) glue that holds our family together.

I will be forever grateful for the day I met him, for the day I married him, and for the days he has made me sit and talk instead of running away.

This man, in case you are dumb and haven't guessed yet, is Hotty Hubby. I love him with all my heart. And here ends the gross sappy post. Enjoy some pics of Hotty Hubby.....they're on me. And so is he. HA!

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