Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Mondays. Yeah. I can't even say they suck, because truthfully it feels like any other day to me now that I don't work during the day anymore. But this morning was more hectic than usual for some reason. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I sat up til 1am knitting instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour or that this morning when the alarm went off at 7am for Hotty Hubby to drag his ass to work, I just kept hitting the snooze button til after 8am. I should have been up getting kids ready and snacks put together for school. I should have been throwing a bunch of laundry on. But I was sleeping. And you know what? I'm not sorry. So there.

But it really did feel like a "Manic Monday" this morning and the whole drive to school I kept thinking that, and as a result I kept singing it in my head. Ok - and out loud. So shoot me. My kids thought I was completely insane. I could almost see the thoughts circling in their heads. "What is this drivel that momma is singing?" "Why is her hair getting bigger the longer she sings the song?" "Are those shoulder pads?!"

I thought it only fair that because I am now hearing this song play on a loop in my head, that I should share the thought with all of you so that you can picture it all your head and hear the tune....the Bangles at their worst, big hair and shoulder pads and blue eye shadow galore.

Now - who wants to come clean my house so that I can sit on my backside and knit some more?

I sound rather like an old lady now. Knit knit knit. I have a problem. When I sit and watch tv I need something to do with my hands, so in the past I would eat. Clearly this is not a great solution as you end up looking rather like a blob from outer space. So, I begged my dear friend Allie to teach me how to knit. And now I have a different, more expensive problem. I am a knitting fiend. Rather a shame that the only things I have managed to knit so far are washcloths, but you can never have too many of them right?

I'm working on a blanket right now. Carpal tunnel has never been a problem for me, regardless of the hours I spend on this contraption, but it's fast becoming one now. Never have my hands felt so strong, so powerful - so..painful! Ow.

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