Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Musings

This past weekend As I mentioned in my Friday posts, Karma got her revenge on me for my gloating about the sun by snowing all over us. As a result, I had a rather deflated kid moping around the house because T Ball practice was cancelled. Sadly, being deflated does not necessary dictate that said child will also be quieter. If anything, the volume in the house increased as she asked me for the 18th time why she couldn't go play and I had to explain yet again that the snow on the ground made the field all muddy. Not everyone's parents are as brave as I am with a washing machine apparently. Or the Coaches (of which Hotty Hubby is one) are all a bunch of wimps. Or maybe we just felt like sitting our tushes on a Friday night instead of freezing our asses off watching a bunch of you kids not catch a ball. Whatever, pick an answer. And if you scream at me like that again, so help me I'll drive you down to the diamond and let you play on your own in the snow.

By Sunday morning, all the snow was melted and the kid in question had re-inflated at the prospect of being able to throw a ball around again. I don't think I have a seen a child more in love with her coach. (No..not her father...the other coach). Coach Nate is pretty easy on the eyes, I'm not the first to notice. But clearly my daughter has taken a shine to him. As I watched her on Sunday, chasing after him for high fives and praise, batting her eyelashes at him, and smiley that big cheesy smile, it occured to me that I was reminded of the actions of those little Barbie doll girls that swoon all over the guys at the meat markets bars. Remind me to lock her up when she's a teenager. At least she's paying enough attention to the Coach to take in some of his instruction right??

On our way to the car after the game, we stopped by my dad's car to say goodbye. As we're standing there, this woman in a huge huge truck drives into the parking lot and parks. I have never in my life seen such amazing parking, I swear. Having failed to find a spot available in the parking lot and, I'm assuming, lacking in the ability to turn the monstrous vehicle around, she decided she'd make her own spot. Up onto the sidewalk she went. I wish I'd had my camera so I could show you all. Not only was she on the sidewalk, but she was parked on the sidewalk next to the only spot open in the lot. The handicapped spot. Well, how considerate is that? No no, I couldn't possibly park in the handicapped spot. I'll just park up here on the sidewalk so that if anyone needs that spot they can have it. Oh, they now can't use the ramp for their wheelchair because I'm parked on it? Well, I could move, but...well, I can barely drive this tank as it is. I think I'll leave it there.

Seriously lady? Are you that wrapped up in our own little world?


Yesterday afternoon we were in what some would call the third circle of Hell. Though I have to say that I'm not even sure that Beelzebub himself would have subjected himself to this. Yes, yes, we were at The Wiggles performance. All in all, I have to admit it was one of the most parent friendly performances I have ever been to. Hotty Hubby and I were rolling around laughing. The Wiggles themselves had a hard time keeping a straight face a good portion of the time. As we watching the men and women cavort around on stage in some questionable costumes, I looked over to see my children emulating this. The vision of your children dancing around with huge smiles on their faces, singing along to some of the most ridiculous songs on the face of the planet, is amazing.

There is one thing I must say about this little Wiggles adventure of ours. My father bought these tickets for us, so that the kids could get to see a great show without us having to sell any internal organs to pay for it (thanks Dad!). They were, theoretically, fantastic tickets. Floor seats, 12th row back. Every show we've ever seen at the Arena were floor seats and while this was the furthest back we've ever sat, the floor is usually a great place to be. And it would have been but for one small issue.
When we found our seats, we got settled and looked around to see if there was anyone else we knew. Because, you know, in an arena that hold thousands of people, you're bound to see someone you know right? A woman and her small child came and sat in front of us and we adjusted our positions accordingly so that the kids could still see the stage. Great, looks like this will work out well. Unfortunately, the two women with children sitting to the right of the woman in front of us had other ideas.

Woman to the right: "Excuse me ma'am, we've been separated from some friends of ours who are now over at the other end of the row and we'd really like to sit with them [because we can't possibly survive without them]. Would you consider switching places with them?"

Woman in front of us: "Umm.....umm......sure. I guess so"

And off she goes to switch places. Hotty Hubby and are not to worried at this point because surely the seats will be filled with yet another parent and child right? Haha! No so my friends! I looked up to find two amazon women filling the seats to join their friends. So, now we have a group of 6 adults to go with 2 children. And they're all freaking giants.

A word of advice to all of you out there. When you go to a children's show, put on for children, for the benefit of children and making them smile, where the greatest portion of the audience is made up guessed it...children - please do not sit a group of gigantors in front of the CHILDREN.

I may have mentioned at some point before, I can fairly vocal at times. The exception seemed to be with the Broom Cupboard Lady - but on the whole I make my opinions known when I feel like it. So there I am, sitting behind the Giants of Lilliput Land and saying such things as "Gee [Hotty Hubby], I don't know what to do, the kids can't see over the GIANT ADULTS IN FRONT OF THEM!" "What are we going to do to make sure the kids CAN SEE?!" "I wonder if they'll slide down in their seats a bit so, you know, the kids can actually see the show that's meant for them".

I should have saved my breath. The show started, the "ladies" in front of us were still sitting up nice and tall and swaying back and forth so that neither of my children could see, and I was verging on smack down status. So I hauled the kids out of their seats and went and sat in the stands. Now, not only could the kids see, but they could dance. Sweet.

Kids Performace Seating Etiquette 101: If you're at a kid's show and there's kids sitting behind you, please ensure you do your best to allow the kids behind you to see the show that cost a fortune to get into.

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