Monday, May 12, 2008

No that's ok Dad, don't mind me

It's a Monday, and like all Mondays I am lagging behind most of the world. As a result of this unexplainable lag, I find myself musing over various things, cruising the net when I could be cruising the house-cleaning-highway, and I find the strangest things sometimes.

Take this for example. I'm all for spending time with your spawn (if you must) and getting them involved in sports, but there are some people who take it to an extreme. And I can only imagine how the poor kid's mother feels. "Woot! My husband caught a foul ball. My life is now complete. The fact that he didn't DROP MY CHILD ON HIS HEAD is merely a bonus." This guy is probably the same guy who says he is "babysitting" when the children are in his care. Really, who the hell takes their baby to a baseball game, wearing a glove on one hand, with any hopes of catching a foul ball?! Obviously the answer is this guy. I don't think Hotty Hubby would be brave enough to come home if he pulled a stunt like this.

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And then there's this guy (are we sensing a theme here yet?). His parents must be proud. All the other boys make it over the itty bitty jump, but not their son. He decided to hinder his ability to ever procreate. This may be a good option. Note of interest:- The crowd watching this race doesn't rush to his aid, instead they giggle. The other boys run OVER him probably while wincing to themselves. I don't imagine he's overly comfortable.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Just a couple of things for you to mull over.

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