Friday, May 16, 2008

Pop! goes the Victorian

It's been days since my last entry and I have no real excuse other than the fact that by some miracle Spring finally decided to grace us somewhat permanently with its presence. For the last three days, as proved by my sunburn, we have had beautiful weather.

What astounds me is the number of people that pop out of their holes the minute the good weather hits. It's rather like sitting on the flat lands and watching the Prairie Dogs pop up out of their burrows.


If you're ever looking for some quick entertainment, I highly recommend peoplewatching. As horrifying as seeing all those pasty, lily white legs emerge was, it made me smile. We spend so much of the year complaining about how cold or wet or windy it is, and then the second we have just the eensiest bit of sun, we get sunburned so we have something else to complain about. And of course, that sunburn is a long lasting investment. Think ahead to those days when you are the crazy cat lady or the crotchety old man sitting on your porch yelling at the kids and bitching about how you should have invested more in sunscreen. If you use your brains now, and slather it on, it will totally hamper your chances of a good chin wag in 50 years. So put the bottle down, back away slowly and head back out into the sun.

I, on the other hand, take to hiding in my house. I do not deal well with heat. I think that perhaps in a past life I may have been a polar bear given my love of sleep and cold. My motto has always been something about how I can always add more layers to combat the chill, but if I were to take more layers OFF, I am likely to be arrested for gross public indecency. And that does no one any favours.

Over the next few months you may very well hear more whining on my part about the heat while Hotty Hubby and the spawn frolic in the rays and the blistering heat (which, for the record, is anything above 20C or 68F)

I should look and see if I have any relatives living in the Arctic.

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