Sunday, May 11, 2008

Six and a half years ago

Just over six and a half years ago, I was causing some concern in my little circle of friends. Hotty Hubby and others thought I was just a little bit crazy. They were right, of course, but not for the reasons they thought. I had been dreaming for weeks that I was walking down the road with a little girl. A blonde little girl. Strange, considering we had not yet had our spawn.

Two weeks later, I peed on that stick that forever changed our lives. Considering the fact that Hotty Hubby and I had only been together for about 3 months, and the fact that he didn't want children til he was closer to 30, it took me 3 days to gather the courage to spring all sorts of wonderful on the man. Obviously, he stuck around. Whether he has ever regretted that decision is beyond me, but if my experiences with the hellions are anything to go by, chances are he's considered the fact that trekking around Outer Siberia might occasionally be a better option.

Before I was a mother, I used to judge a lot. Now? Well. Those women you see in the shopping mall with two screaming children? That's me. The kids that throw sand in your kid's face? Those would be mine. They watch altogether too much tv, they eat way more crap than healthy stuff and they have an attitude that would rival the most devilish of teenagers. But they're mine. They give me hugs and kisses at just the right moments, complete with snot trails and jammy fingers. They love almost unconditionally. I say almost because there are days when I wonder if they might walk out the door if I don't get them that cookie.

It's been rather a rollercoaster of emotions for almost 6 years, and it's been totally worth it. There is no better way to experience life than through the eyes of a child.

It's Mother's Day today. A day devoted to me, my mother, my grandmother, and all of you other moms. My children have made breakfast in bed for me and I have some homemade surprise gifts sitting up waiting to be opened. I never thought I would be so thankful to see yet another piece of paper with handprints and a poem, but I am. I'm a sap.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. I leave you with a slideshow of my darlings. They make it all worth it.

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