Friday, July 25, 2008

It's a good thing he loves me. You love me right honey?

Recently Hotty Hubby has expressed some concern about the way I have represented him here on my wee bloggy. I'm not sure who he thinks is reading my drivel but he seems to be somewhat torn between laughing at the way I portray him and worrying that some RCP (that's Randomly Connected Person) will read my words and begin to see him in a different light than the one he should be viewed in - dim, preferably with a slightly coloured hue.

Until today I had laughed off his worries and told him not to be so silly. Hardly anyone reads this crap anyway, and the ones who do? Well most of them don't know us personally. Those who DO know us personally know that he is so much more than the bumbling idiot I might have deliberately inadvertently portrayed him as.

But then today, I was cruising the blogroll over at All Mediocre and one of the blogs that caught my eye was Frogs In My Formula. She just so happens to have a post up right now about how her husband is worried that everyone will think he's a jerk.

Well shit. Maybe Hotty Hubby is right? But wouldn't that mean the world was ending? And as far as I can tell, the moon is still in sky as I write this.

I haven't been doing this blogging thing very long, and often times it can be hard for me to come up with something to write about, let alone something that can be turned into a good read. I mean, I could sit here and drone on about what I did today, and how much my groceries cost and blah blah blah. But I'd like to think I have a little bit more of an entertaining mind than that. After all, the title of this blog is "Mind of a Mad Woman".

So, I've latched onto the "Mad" in said title and run with it. As a result you'll find me blathering about my spawn and Hotty Hubby. Occasionally I might throw in a little ditty about how my life would be so much better different if it weren't for the questionable actions of my mother.....or the way I got suspended from boarding school for a week when I was 16 (long story - another day). I'll even throw in a few posts here and there about my thoughts on religion, politics etc. All the stuff I hate to love.

But on the whole my blog, like my life, revolves around the strange beings residing in my house. So should I be more careful about what I say about him on here lest some random stranger read it and bring it up years later at a "Husband's Widowed by their Wife's Blog" convention? Or is it ok to continue on as I have been, as long as I throw in a few sappy posts like this one .

For the record, my Hotty Hubby is a rockin' individual who loves his kids with all his heart, despite the multiple injuries they seem to incur when with him. He also happens to love me for some strange reason and I really can't complain about that. I mean, he IS hot. Like, duh.

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  1. My husband has the same concerns. Yes, he's worried about how your husband is being portrayed on your blog.

    I think it's clear that you adore your husband and that all the comments are in jest. I mean, who wants to read a blog that's all "Another day filled with bliss and happiness and confirmation that I married a flawless person." Although maybe we could start one of those to appease our husbands?

  2. My husband always says I portray him as some trained monkey. =)

  3. Um, do you really mean that no one wants to read about my grocery shopping list??? Then I may to start lying, or have no reason to keep blogging :S

    Thanks for stopping by my place :)

  4. In the time I've been reading, I think you've portrayed your husband in a positive light, and like has been said, those remarks are in jest, not in jabs.

    My husband used to read my blog, but he doesn't do so anymore (or else he does it when he's out of town and I've not yet figured that out!), but I know when I started blogging, I wondered how I'd portray him when the time came when something he'd done or said would creep into my writing. For the most part, I think I've shown him the respect he deserves in my posts where he plays a role. I don't know if he'd always think that, but if I asked him, he'd probably more roll his eyes at me. I guess what I'm saying is, while a blog can be a place to vent, I'm not sure I wouldn't step back and wonder what I was doing if I ever approached it as such.

  5. Ditto in our household, he threatens to start a blog about me daily. I don't believe him, it would take too much focus and will power and it would cut into TV time.

  6. I don't blog much about hubby, mostly because I know he reads daily. I did blog about my MIL once, before I knew she read my blog. Oops. :)

  7. my boyfriend is so paranoid about what I write about him. Sometimes he's like... well I don't want you to say that... and I just say "get over it" no one cares. I mean hopefully you trust me enough not to rip you to shreds entirely over the internet! haha.

  8. My wife reads my blog and recently realized my readers like her. She says to me ... "So ... As long as we're together ... I guess you'll never run out of material."

  9. hubbies are such good blog fodder! I don't do much hubby bashing on my blog, but there is plenty of opportunity to! LOL!

  10. Thanks for the mention. My husband is an attention-holic so every time I mention him on my blog he pats himself on the back! I fear I have created a monster...

  11. My husband and I had an interesting conversation a week ago: should I tell him about something I *plan* to blog about before I post it?

    Proving that he is among the coolest husbands on earth, he said no -- he finds it interesting to have a new way to discover what's on my mind, and fully expects to be able to discuss my blog posts with me after the fact.

    Blog entry in the works as I digest what this all means. ;-)


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