Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vampires, long weekends and kissing girls....

It was brought to my attention recently that I am currently living life rather like those of the undead persuasion. At first, I couldn't decide whether or not to take offense at this, but have since decided that given my current career choice and the effects of the weather of late, that these people could perhaps be correct.

In case I have forgotten to mention in the past, I work at night. When all of you are tucked safely in your beds dreaming of whatever it is that rocks your boat (for me it's a cross between Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy right now), I am hard at work performing my duties as a Night Auditor for a local hotel chain here in sunny Victoria. Alright, "hard at work" might be stretching the truth just a tad but I'm working for at least part of the night. I arrive here at 11:30pm after a mere few hours of evening napping time, and I do the financial balancing act that is required of me and fax in a few reports. This takes me til about 2am and then I find myself actively searching out things to do. Often it is harder than one would think. Ideally I would like to tuck myself into a corner and sleep, and logistically it is possible. Problem is, all I can hear is my mother's voice in my head telling me how incredibly wrong it would be for me to do so. And so instead I prop my eyes open with toothpicks and listen to CMT all night in an effort to stay awake.

When I mentioned to friends that I was taking this position, I think it just confirmed in their minds that I am indeed insane. Why on earth would any smart, non-crazy person take a job like this when they have children at home? Especially with summer vacation coming up?? Um, because now I don't have to pay for daycare of course. That's the stock answer I give everyone. And it's true....mostly. No more paying $1200+ in daycare fees every month. Instead, the only thing I am paying is the devil. I had to trade in my beaten and battered soul to be able to stay awake for the peanuts I'm making in a business I did not go to school for. Is it worth it? Sure. I sit on my ass for 8 hours a night and get paid for it. I watch tv, I read my books (vampire themed oddly enough) and I blog away. It's 5:30am right now and here I be.

So, I am up all night and attempt to sleep during the day - tres bloodsucker no? Another point in favour of that theory is that I burn when the sun comes into contact with my skin. I kid you not, today I took the kids to the playground to run off some energy and in the first 10 minutes of being there, despite the copious amounts of sunscreen I had drowned myself in, I was a beautiful shade of crimson that rather reflects the intense screaming pain that I am feeling in my back on and off. The spawn, on the other hand, had hopped out of the car and shedding their clothes as they ran, had promptly gone about 10 shades darker brown and now look as if they could pass for the child from the Jungle Book.

Clearly they get their colouring from Hotty Hubby and I have to ask how fair this is. Why could my mother not have thought 30 years into the future and married someone who might actually provide me with some sort of gorgeous skin pigmentation to compliment my naturally blonde hair and blue eyes? Would it be too much to ask? Harumph.

In other news from the land of the bloodsucker (that'd be me, for those who are a bit slow) was Canada Day weekend here this past weekend. This means tons of tourists come up here with their fanny packs and their socks & sandal combos (MAJOR fashion faux pas people...come on!) and they walk as slowly as possible around this city of mine, and take in the sights. Victoria is a beautiful city to visit, and this weekend was glorious. The Tall Ships were in town for the first time in 2 years, and the sun was out for all 4 days. The street performers were raking in the dough, and the vendors who populate our inner harbour peddled their wares to the unsuspecting crowds.

(**side note...if you ever come to Victoria in the summer months, be sure to keep an eye out for the Darth Vader violin'll have really seen it all then**)

A note of advice for all you folks who might be planning trips, to anywhere, in the near future. If you are going somewhere for a weekend...especially a holiday weekend....and plan to stay in a hotel - BOOK A ROOM IN ADVANCE. Now, I'm not one to complain (much) as quite honestly some of these people gave me something to do at 3am....but wouldn't you think that if you knew you were going to be somewhere and need a hotel room that you'd reserve one? Just a thought. Every single hotel in town filled up fast and some of the high end places were charging upwards of $400 a night for their rooms. Bloody ridiculous, and yet people were paying it because they hadn't had the foresight to reserve ahead of time. Well, consider me your foresight!!

On a final note... have you heard this song? Katy Perry is a rather, umm, eccentric girl to say the least but the vast majority of her music is pretty decent. Her most recent song is getting a LOT of air time here and has become the new fave song of my soon to be 6 year old daughter, temporarily replacing Hannah Montana. As she belted this out at full volume in the backseat of the car the other day in the grocery store parking lot, it prompted a round of glares and "tsk tsks" from the old ladies waiting for their taxis. The old me would have turned the radio off and told Ash to stop singing, for fear that I be judged on my poor parenting skills. Now? I turned it up and sang along with her. Look at me! All growed up!

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  1. Oh, I once did a stint as a hotel night auditor. Hasn't everyone? I spent the summer reading through this huge stash of Star Trek novels I found in the backroom.


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