Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 08 - Poverty.....It needs to end now!

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I have been known to sit on my couch and literally scream at the television. I'm not talking about screaming at the idiots who picked all the unfit, argumentative people on Survivor. I'm not talking about yelling at Carrie for actually going BACK to Mr Big AGAIN! No, I'm talking about watching things like the Stand Up 2 Cancer show with all those rich celebs sitting on the stage. I mean see the devastation that was left by Hurricane Katrina and her cohorts and wondering why more wasn't being done. I'm talking about seeing all those children sick and dying and not enough people helping them.I'm talking about hearing the news that Johnny Depp just got paid over $55 MILLION in advance for the next Pirates movie.

REALLY?!?! The economy in the US and all over the world is going down the drain, there are men, women and children dying of horrible illnesses and starvation not only in third world countries but right HERE at home, there are people quite literally freezing to death on city streets because they are so poor they can't afford somewhere to live and all our shelters are full. Some of those people are children. But by all means, pay the good looking guy $55 MILLION to do a stupid movie!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching Johnny prance around in those pirate duds as much as the next person. But what does someone DO with that much money? What do these celebrities do with the millions of dollars that they get paid to do their movies and tv shows?

Having spent a good portion of my time yelling at the tv lately, this thought has been on my mind. When I was watching Stand Up 2 Cancer I was so happy to see Jack Black stand there and say something about if all those famous people just donated 2% of their earnings, we could find a cure. Yes, I'm sure we could, but we could feed entire nations too!

Remember those commercials that say "For just a dollar a day, you could feed this family and provide healthy drinking water for their whole town?"'s TRUE!

I can't do much to convince the celebs that they don't need that 15th house or that 102nd luxury car, but maybe I can convince YOU. Maybe, just maybe I can convince you to do something about poverty.

Donate to your local food bank and help the people in your home town. Donate to one of the many charities that help internationally. Lobby your local politicians to DO something.

Today is Blog Action Day for 2008 and their cause is Poverty.

Spread the word, do your research, tell your friends. Together we CAN end poverty!!

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  1. Where? I can't see her back!

  2. Great post. Oh what to do with that 102nd car I just bought. What? wait...just a dream.
    I've been the benficiary of food when needed off and on and I do my best to give back locally. thanks for the reminder to do so!


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