Friday, December 12, 2008

Who needs a compass? I have a 6 year old!

Driving home from school this afternoon, I found my sense of direction being tested and decided to return the favour. The end result was not what I expected!

Girl Spawn: "Are we going North now Mama?"

Me: "Ummm."

GS: "Yup, I think we're going North."

Me: "I think you're probably right. Hey Ash, do you know what the opposite of North is?"

*Girl Spawn looks at me like "this incompetent boob can't be my mother"*

GS: "Uh yeah. South."

Me: "Great! So what are the other directions?"

GS: "Mama...they're left and right of course!"

Well of course. How silly of me.

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  1. Ha! I could use her help. I travel strictly by landmarks. If a rock or building isn't where it was the last time I went that way, I'm screwed!

  2. You mean it's not that way and that way? LMBO!

  3. Don't you love those answers that aren't really wrong, but still aren't right?

  4. It makes perfect sense to me. Aren't east and west left and right? I think this was how Christopher Columbus started.

  5. Funny, my sons can't find their way out of a paper sack and my daughter gets mad if I choose to take a scenic route instead of the most direct way.

  6. Priceless kid answer! I know I will miss my own lil moonspuns's kid wisdom as she get older. nothing replaces the logic of a kid.


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