Friday, January 23, 2009

Saddness just doesn't seem enough......

As a blog writer, I also have a list a mile long of other amazing blogs I read. Some on a daily basis, some when I remember and find them in my bookmarks.

One of these blogs was Mad Asthmatic . As I read about her day to day struggles and the way in which she overcame them, I was always inspired. It certainly helped put my own life in perspective.

The other day, I checked in at Dancing with Frogs and was saddened to read that our very own Mad Asthmatic had passed away. Emma had lost her struggle.

Some of you may not understand the sadness. To feel such emotion over the loss of someone I had never met might seem silly to you. And no, I had never met her. But when you've had such an in depth look into someone's life, you can't help but feel connected. Because of the connectedness, you in turn feel sadness.

Emma was 32. Such a short life. As a part of the blogging world, she will be missed. In her memory, I'd like to share with y'all the last post that she published to her blog. I hope it hits home and give you all something to think about.


The certainity of life is death, but the passage of time between birth and death is ours and ours alone.

Try to make sure when the time comes that you have few regrets of the life you have spent. Do not spend your life hanging your head down, for you will miss the temperance and severity of the world in which you live. Call a spade a spade and you won't go far wrong, if you give out harsh words be ready to receive them back. If you can not take what you yourself hand out then keep silent.

Friends will come and go. if they are meant to be true then they will remain and those who are just passing ships will pass through your life at the given times. Remember each friendship with affection but do not mourn its demise for another friend is around the corner.

Follow the road that you wish to follow for your life, do not just follow the crowd unless it is what you truly want. If you make a mistake then have the courage to rectify it, if you wish to take a different path to those around you do not apologise. For we have only one life and in order not to regret those missed opportunities then we must be prepared to walk against the crowd at some point.

Do not stay silent if there is someone you love, do not regret words unsaid, do not assume they know how you feel. Red faces can be got over but unsaid words will remain just that. Make it your mission to brighten one persons life each day with a smile and a hello. All free and yet can make such an impact. Do not ask "How are you today" if you don't want to know. Have the courage to be yourself and not care what others think.

Make having no regrets your mission for life.


Ps feeling a little more human tonight, managed to get a straight 3 hours of sleep and then spent the rest of the night dozing and chatting. love ya all my blogging buddies.

Rest in Peace Emma....we'll miss you around these parts.

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  1. I think she would be very happy and at peace to know that others were sharing her final blog entry. Good on you : )

    And what a profound final message it was. Such a great reminder.

  2. What a beautifully written post she shared, and what a tragic loss. It is amazing, isn't it, how connected we can get to people we never actually meet.

  3. The fact that you read her blog regularly meant she was important to you. You didn't have to meet her to feel sad. I was exposed to her via Frogdancer after she died and I feel very sad.
    I posted a link to the 'no regrets' on my site the other day. It was incredibly moving and profound.

  4. One of the great things about the blogging world is our ability to "know" someone we've never really met. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm sorry! I didn't know MA, but I feel sad. You are so right about the sense of connectedness. In fact, this whole post was right on. I appreciate your wise words.

  6. Just found your blog and sorry to hear about MA.
    I didn't know her but I've read so many blogs by people who have lost her as a friend.

  7. Any connection, no matter how fragile, is cause for sadness when it is lost forever. Thank you for sharing her last post, and your pain - poignant and profound reminders both.
    ((((hugs)))) my friend.


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