Sunday, July 12, 2009

7 years of awesomeness!

My dearest Ashlee,

Seven years ago today, this was me......

...cuddled up to the most beautiful baby the world had ever laid eyes on. Sure, I'm supposed to say that because I'm your mother but there was plenty of other people who agreed with me. You had big blue eyes, a shiny bald head and a big red V in the middle of your forehead that flared up whenever you screamed for food or just a snuggle.

To this day, that alien V mark on your head still scares the poop out of me for fear that some Predator like creature is going to claw it's way out of your stomach and eat me because I dared suggest that you eat your veggies at dinner time.

As you've gotten older, we've gone through the normal phases of development mixed with what they tell me are normal phases of your temperament. Terrible Twos, Torturous Threes, Frightening Fours, Freakin Kill Mommy Now Fives and Satanistic Sixes. I hold out hope that someone will tell me that the sevens are labeled as Sweet and Snuggly Sevens. Either that or I might need to start buying Blue Bombay Gin by the caseload.

You've always had a very individual personality with a strong will and you're not easily pushed around. We're not entirely sure where you get it but Daddy seems to think it has something to do with me. I'm sure that at some point it will stand you in good stead, once you learn to control the urge to be contrary just because you can.

As we have watched you grow and learn, Daddy & I have been so intrigued to see the way in which you attach yourself to people and show a steadfast loyalty to them.

You are affectionate, sometimes overly so (when Mama says "Get off me" it's usually because there's just so many butterfly kisses I can take!), and still, at 7, your favourite thing to do is to climb into someone's lap and sit with them.

I love your silliness, your spark, your ability to make me giggle on even the hardest day. Your laughter when the tickle monster gets you is infectious and before long, you have everyone joining you.

You are smart, and I love to see the sparkle in your eye when you come running out of the school to tell me what new stuff you learned today. Sometimes it's something like math and other times it's something useful like how to get the boys to chase YOU in "Kiss Tag". Trust me darling, when you get to high school you're going to use those methods to get their attention. But beware, until they're about 15 they won't be interested in much beyond embarrassing you and pulling your bra strap. Remind me to teach you how to give an effective wedgie.

You've done well learning the art of "Taking it easy - the Zen way". While you might have to make do with water or milk right now, in just another 11 years you can share the martini shaker with me. Just don't try stealing any of daddy's beer....he won't look kindly on that. Get your brother to do it instead, it's a boy thing.

Speaking of your brother, if I could ask one thing of you as you enter your next year of life in the hopes of making it to your next birthday, it would be for you to please cut him a little slack. Sure he's annoying, it's another boy thing (have you WATCHED your daddy??) but he's your brother and he loves you (we think). And really the two of you look so darn cute when you're actually pretending to like each other. Never mind that I have to bribe the two of you with Push Pops just to get you to put your arms around each other.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this..... Happy Birthday my darling, you are one of the brightest lights in my life and I love you so much. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for us!

All my love,


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  1. Happy Birthday!! It is good to be a head strong girl - someone who knows what they want from life and is not afraid to follow the path they want to take :) Enjoy your adventures in NZ little one!!

  2. Very sweet!(I think your description of the stages of the ages belongs in Parents Magazine! Love the satanistic sixes!).
    Mine sons are older, so now they write me letters on my birthday which are, believe or not, equally sweet!

  3. You know... some might say that the urge to be contrary runs in all of the females in our family. I'm just sayin' :P Happy happy birthday Ashlee, have a great time in NZ! It's a beautiful country, you'll just love it.

  4. What a great tribute to a wonderful kid. Happy Birthday, kiddo.

  5. Hey, I want to meet her! The world needs more kickass women in the world, glad you are raising one! sounds like Ashlee and lil moonspun would get along famously!

  6. What a great tribute Meg! Ashlee is a fantastic girl! Happy Birthday Ash!

  7. She's precious! Happy belated birthday wishes to her!

  8. Cute Cute Cute!!!

    I wish you guys would stop posting all these pictures of your adorable children. I'm having trouble remaining child-free!!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Ashlee!
    You are a very special kid!

    Beautiful post, Meg. Birthday hugs to both of you!


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