Saturday, July 4, 2009

"The Disposable Memory Project"

Just a little something I found that I wanted to share with y'all. I will endeavour to have a "real" post up in the next day or two. We're down to the wire on a overseas adventure with just three weeks left to go, so I'm very busy. I'm sure you understand.

Sometimes when there's nothing on tv, the kids are in bed, my hotty is out at a buddy's house, and I've finished the stack of books on the nightstand (which seems to happen regularly lately), I'll find myself cruising around the internet. I mean, I have my Facebook/Twitter addiction, and my blog(s), but I like to look at other stuff too.

Stumble helps me do that. It installs a toolbar, or you can just go from the stumble website, and it takes you to random sites all over the internet, based on what you plug in as your interests.

One such "Stumble" that I came across this morning was "The Disposable Memory Project". The general gist is that these folks left disposable cameras, in clear bags with notes, in places all over the world. People are meant to see them, pick them up, read the note, take a few pics and then pass it on or leave it for someone else to find. Each camera has a code on it, and they track the cameras by people emailing in where they found it etc.

They're getting some amazing pics sent in! And if you click on "Drop Your Own" on the left hand menu, it tells you how you can get in on the action. I thought I'd share the link here, because I know there are people who do geocaching and this is kind of the photography equivalent. And it's fun.

So go to The Disposable Memory Project and check it out!!

I'm going to see if I can start a couple here, and then when we get to NZ, I'll do a coupe there too. I might even do one in Vancouver airport and then again in Auckland airport. LOL!

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