Thursday, July 23, 2009

I bid you......Good Day!

It's the day before the end. Or is it the day before the beginning?

Today is our last day in the, admittedly, beautiful city of Victoria. We're leaving behind the sun, the flowers, the parks, the people. Our family and friends will be sorely missed. And we're a bit sad that we're leaving the rest of summer behind.

Tomorrow we'll be in Vancouver by lunch time and will have a chance to hang out with some other family members for a few hours before heading to the airport. Our plane leaves at 9pm. I'm hoping that this means that the spawn will sleep for most of the plane ride but knowing my luck (and Murphy's law) they'll be woefully wide awake.

Saturday is a total write off....haha! We miss Saturday altogether because by the time we arrive in New Zealand, it'll be Sunday.

I may not be around much for the next few weeks as we get settled into our new place and get used to a new town. We need to get our jobs sorted and get the kids settled in school. AND I need to get a new computer. I hate computer shopping. But I shall do it. For you. Do you feel honoured? You bloody well should.

I have a couple posts all ready to go, so it will almost be like I'm here but most importantly I have secured a few guest posters who will wow you with their wit, amaze you with their stories and make you laugh. You may even be scandalized!

Be good folks! Or don't......but if you don't, at least do me a favour and take pictures!


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  1. Travel Safe & Good Luck Sweetie!

  2. We'll miss your 'silence' Maggie! Safe travels, may your spawn sleep most of the way to NZ, and may you be greeted with such joy and love that you scarcely have time to miss your friends and neighbors on this side of the world while you enjoy settling into your new home, new lives, and all that comes with that!

  3. Good luck, and I love your new profile pic!

  4. I'll enjoy Saturday for you...enjoy and safe travels. nd yea, i feel honored that you'll buy a new computer so I can read about your New Zealand life and loves...
    My word verification is 'mates' how funny is that!

  5. Safe journeys, my friend! I'll be thinking of you! MMMMMWWWWAAAHHHH!!!

  6. Victoria is beautiful, but NZ will have its own beauty.
    Safe traveling to you and yours!
    PS I do indeed feel honored!

  7. I hope your trip was not too stressful. Good luck with your new home!! I would love to go to NZ some day.


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