Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And we (almost) have lift off!

Today, I went to the bank. I withdrew a relatively substantial amount of money. (Actually it might seem like a paltry sum to some of you, because you might be millionaires or even billionaires, but to me it was substantial and that's really all that matters when you get right down to it, not whether it was a big deal to you but if it was a big deal to me. Right? Anyway..) I walked from the bank to the store, found the girl I'd been dealing with a week ago, and said "I want that one".

At the time, I wasn't really aware of where I was pointing and young Sam (a hot wee thing who looked like she'd rather die than be at work right now and quite honestly looked a tad hungover) gave me a look like I had suddenly sprouted another head at some funny angle from my shoulder or a giant zit had magically appeared on my nose accompanied by the tinkling of little bells (you know, like in the movies when magic happens?) as she muttered a baffled sounding "erm..?".

Seems I'd been pointing at the rather dashing young man that was standing next to me. Except he hadn't been standing there when I'd first started talking so I'd meant to be pointing at the shelf. (But, if he's up for grabs I'll consider that too.)

Having got Hunky McHunkerson to shift his rather delectable ass over a few feet, I was able to gesture emphatically in the general direction of the product which, for today at least, was enough to hold my attention (I'd come back for him another day).

I could not take my eyes off of it. It's blue, it's hard, it's at least 16 inches long and it lights up when you touch the right button. Are you ready for this? I love showing off pictures of my new toys (I think Cape Cod Gal has had too much of influence on me)


Yes folks, my new BLUE Dell Laptop. It's a beautiful piece of technology that will not only allow me to continue to regale you with crap about what's going on in the world of Mad Woman, but will also allow me to talk to my super important peeps on Skype. More importantly, I can be online whenever I want because it is mine. All mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. And I will never again have to drag my ass all the way across the road to my mother's house (picture an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and that's my life right now, on a slightly smaller scale and upside down because, duh, I'm down under. Well technically I guess that would be Australia, but it's pretty close here in New Zealand. Geographically speaking anyway) to use her computer. Phew.

Isn't it lovely?

Now the more astute amongst you may have noticed that my title says "almost". Sadly folks, even this very blog post has been composed on the computer in Marie's Mum's house. I still have no internet access. We're planning on leeching off mum's wireless signal for awhile because we're cheap bastards, but so far the modem hasn't been moved to a place in her house where we are able to do this. Have no fear though, it will happen. And soon. And then life as you know it will cease to exist because I will have 24/7 access to the online world where I can stalk you and write you crazy notes and comments that will have you wondering why you haven't restricted access to your blog before. And do you know what the answer to that is? Because you love me and you couldn't possibly exist in a world where the Mad Woman's movements were limited and censored.

On that note, I bid you adieu, auf weidersehen, goodbye.....but without the high pitched girly boys and more champagne for me. I am off to nag the mother figure into moving said modem.

**AH! I almost forgot! I'd like to send a big thank you to Mumma Boo, Moonspun, Cape Cod Gal, Frog Dancer, Badass Geek and Bacon Lover for their spectacular guest posts while I was indisposed with my international move (how freakin' cool does that sound eh? In. Ter. National. Like I'm important or something). You guys all rock and I totally appreciate it!

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  1. so...instead of not being able to be "down under" cuz that is Aussie...does that mean that you are "beside down under" or just "beside yourself". Glad to hear you will be back online soon...enjoy your visit to "Marie's" house!!!


  2. The least you could have gotten was a picture of the young hot dude with the laptop!
    Can't wait to hear more of you adventures and about life down under or whatever!
    You are more than welcome for the guest post. It was truly an honor!

  3. I have a lime green Dell. His name is Charlie. I'm not entirely sure why we name our electrical appliances in our house...But we do. You should name yours. It's fun.

  4. Ah HA! You have fallen under my spell!! Now every word out of your mouth will be tainted with some sort of perverse twist! My little army is slowly building to take over the world!!!

    Glad I could help and love the shiny new toy!!

  5. Congrats on the new laptop! Dells are awesome machines.

  6. Maybe you're just to the left (or is that right?) of down under ;) Glad you're back 'on' with your new laptop and you'll be able to post more often once again! You've been missed but you asked some remarkable people to fill in for you while you were 'indisposed'! Thanks for those laughs too!

  7. I agree with Moonspun...I would have liked to see a picture of the hottie who was in the way. :)

  8. Ooohhh...pretty... *pet, pet, pet*
    And, yeah, where's the pic of the hunk? ;) Glad I could help with your transcontinental relocation in some small way. It was fun! And alot less work than lugging suitcases.

  9. Oh, congratulations! My laptop has changed my world. Keep it all yours as well! It's a slippery slope if you start letting other people on. You should get some champagne or something.

  10. Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about your nanny. And I'm super jealous of your new laptop.

  11. Excuse me, while I wipe my computer screen - I was drooling over your new Dell! It is quite stunning.
    I'm afraid we too are cheap bastards when it comes to paying for our internet service. Thankfully, Son #1 works for an ISP and ours is now wonderfully FREEEEEEE!


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