Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh how I miss thee broadband!

I'm sitting in a library right now. No, no...don't walk away. I promise this isn't going to be yet another book filled diatribe. But I really am sitting in a library. I came here for the free wireless internet. I had hoped to get some pictures uploaded that I've been taking for the last couple of weeks. You see, one of the pitfalls of us being cheap and leeching off of my mother's wireless signal at home is that here in NZ it's expensive to get unlimited broadband internet. Here, you pay so much per month for a certain amount of bandwidth. I know! I was shocked too. So, mum pays for 3GBs per month. Which is all well and good until Hotty Hubby and his cohorts get on Skype forever and drink and chat. Apparently that sucks the bandwidth in a big way. Who knew? After that 3GBs is used, her internet speed (and therefore ours) drops down to dial-up.


This doesn't usually present too much of a problem if all I'm trying to do is type up a blog post and submit it, or surf a few pages that aren't too heavy in graphics that take a dog's year to load. But when I have my own photos that I want to upload to Facebook so that all and sundry can see them, it's bloody annoying! Hence my library idea.

But what fresh hell is this? The library server will not allow me to upload any pictures! Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Sweet F All! Very annoying and I stopped myself throwing a hissy fit right in the middle of the library purely because there was a sweet little old lady already staring at me like I was from another planet. This might have had something to do with the fact that I was grunting and huffing and puffing. Or maybe she just fancies me. I never thought to ask.

But MadWoman...why don't you just stop being a cheap ass and get your own internet at home? Hmm. I hear you. That would certainly be the upstanding citizen thing to do. And I totally would. It's not a matter of money really. Ok, well it is. But shhh. You're supposed to be on my side! Really it's more a matter of the fact that the guy who owned the house before us was a total tech geek and has wires strung all over the house for all sorts of gadgets. There's even a major HUB in the walk in closet (I have a walk in closet!!) in our room. But even with all these wires running through my house....not even ONE of them is a freakin' PHONE LINE!! And apparently to get broadband here, which is essentially ADSL, there needs to be a phone line. So, until we can pay to get a phone line installed in the house (which, hey, would also allow us to have a home phone!!), we are up a proverbial creek without the requisite paddle.


There are few adjustments that we have had to make since we moved, but this internet thing really gets my goat. I can live with the fact that we only have four crappy tv channels. In fact, that has been rather a blessing. But internet? It's like taking away my lifeline when you drop me to dial up.

How do people cope??? And HOW am I meant to upload my damn pictures?!

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  1. Life without internet at home... now I'm shuddering too.

  2. Yikes! That sounds harsh. So what are all the wires from techno-geek FOR is not for the all important web???

  3. God, I wouldn't survive without unlimited internet. I would die.

  4. You are seriously marring my vision of NZ as some magical mythical place where dreams come true with your usage of terms like "dialup" and "paying for bw". wtf?

  5. I would crack. I must have internet!!!!

  6. childcare or internet connection? Broadband!

  7. Oh, been there. We live a bit off the beaten path, which means internet comes...and internet goes....I've been known to camp out at midnight in front of a closed coffee shop that offers wireless on Main Street...

  8. Aack! Take away my TV (please!), but don't take away my Internet. The horror!


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