Friday, August 7, 2009

What's In A Name??

Our next guest blogger has something .... common with me. Boobs. I'll explain more about it another time. For now, I'd like to introduce you to Moonspun of Moonspun Spins. She's funny, she's quirky and she makes me laugh time and again. And she has some things she'd like to teach you all :)


We all have our own peculiarities and funny statements and phrases and questions in life. As I was mulling over guesting for Meg while she moved her family to the other side of the world, I was thinking about how honored I was to be asked. Because seriously, we all know that she is hilarious and not because she tries, but just because she IS. And I also realized that one of the things I love about reading her blog is how quirky she is. Now I know in a guest post that I am supposed to be me, not Meg. But I wanted to honor her by somehow posting about something that might be a big Meg-like....and hey I am Moonspun and if I am not mistaken, isn't that a moon on her header? l.o.v.e. it!

So I am going to attempt to tell you about some quirky words and phrases I use in everyday life.

Anyway, so on the 3-hour drive home from a weekend trip I said to my hot hubby, RP: "Can I ask you a funny question?" Now I think I started this tradition a couple years ago. It's basically a set up to mean "I am going to ask you something a bit personal, quirky and you need to give me an honest answer." We always have some good discussions from the "funny" questions and they are always pretty reflective. Yesterday's questions, btw, was "How balanced do you think your life is?" What was interesting was that we both had different definitions of what it means to be balanced, but really, that's another post entirely. Oh and actually RP countered with another question which was "What do you miss most about your former life?" (meaning before I met him and was married and not living in Vermont)

"Crappy pancakes". Ok, so when RP and I first started living together he wanted to have pancakes once a week on a weekend day. So one of the first weekends, I am pulling out a recipe and ingredients like flour and eggs to make pancakes while he is pulling out a box of Hungry Man where you just add water...and we wind up looking at each other like "Are you crazy?" He wanted to be the cook, so I wound up shrugging my shoulders and saying "Fine, we'll eat your crappy pancakes." And the phrase just stuck. RP's pancakes are not really crappy...those mixes taste's an affectionate name and I love when our two 9 year old daughters ask on a Saturday for crappy pancakes.

"Damn Dog." Now, I am not really a dog person and part of the hubby package was when he moved in, also came his then 12 year old (now almost 15) austrailian red heeler. She is very sweet and lovable and by all accounts a good dog. What I dislike most about having a dog is that you can't leave them for days alone like you can cats. They are much more high maintenance. So one time when hubby and I were trying to figure out some evening plans early in our domicilic relationship and he said "Which of us is going home to let out the dog?'" I unceremoniously sputtered about how I didn't give flying "something" about the DAMN DOG. And thus, another moonspun phrase was born. I love damn dog and I am not afraid to say it, she's been a faithful companion, but even this morning after our weekend away, I had to take an hour to go get damn dog from the kennel and plop down $36 for them to feed and let her out to poop and pee. Damn dog.

And of course there is the "let's have sex" key I am not going to reveal what RP and I have for a code word meaning "let's get naked now or later". Because only he and I know it. I will tell you that it's origins were an online chat about three years ago and the phrase came from a funny typo. We were going to see each other later after a several day absence and well, fingers were flying fast in excitement. I WILL tell you, however, that back in the early groping days...well when we were going on walks in the woods and doing much kissing and such (no we never did that, it was a bit too populated), I used the phrase "loose change" for when I was trying to get into RP's pants, literally. Which basically meant, I'd be rooting around in his front pockets. And he'd ask "What are you doing?" and I'd say innocently, "Oh, just looking for some loose change" when you all know what I was reaching for!

And in that "let's have sex" phrase, you know that every couple has college girlfriend and I called it "other stuff". Why? Well I don't quite remember. But it would be fascinating to know what couples did....and yet few, I am sure would fess up...hmmm...that would make an interesting book.

But I digress....

In the blogging world, we all have our own unique phrases and code words, because so many of us don't use real names for our family. When you read someone else's blog, you get used to their language and think nothing of...say...when Meg refers to her kids as spawn. Love it!

I think that's enough babbling from the world of moonspun today...and hey, when Meg is in New Zealand doesn't that mean that she will see the moon when I see the sun? And vice versa?

Ah but there is alwasy the cool moon on her blog!

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  1. Friends of mine used to call it "playing checkers". They could have been tournament champions. ;)

  2. Maybe I borrow your "Damn Dog" reference? Our 12 year old Aussie Shepherd regularly acts in ways that would more than earn him that title. Namely, at feeding times, when "DD" insists he's been starved for weeks when in fact it's only been a few hours. Damn dog.

  3. Nice post. I love the 'loose change' reference!

  4. Ahh, you love that damn dog, and you know it!!!


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