Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the colours fly....

**I must, at least in part, thank Moonspun and Frogdancer for some of the inspiration for this post. After reading about the colours from both of you, it really helped here. Cheers!**

As I sat here at my desk this afternoon listening to the spawn whine about how this household was turning into a third world country, how they were soon going to be starving to death because they hadn't eaten in at least 2 hours and they couldn't possibly sit quietly and watch the movie about the monsters and suicidal rabbits because the noise of their grumbling tummies was just too much to bear, I was trying to put together a deep and insightful post for my return to Free For All Fridays. Unfortunately, the thought of my children slowly wasting away to nothingness as I deprived them of nourishment was too much for me and the deepness slipped away into the cold, gray afternoon to play. So instead, I have turned to something slightly different ......

The interwebs have been invited to take part in this regular meme, and it's one that appeals to me on an "I'm an annoying citizen who takes great pleasure in writing letters of complaint and compliment both" level. This week's theme is "Letter to my favourite author".


There are just far too many of you for me to pick just one author to whom I should address my letter. Since I was a child I have been curling up in corners and escaping to new worlds and new lives as I devoured the words that you so painstakingly put to paper. I have been a princess (and occasionally a prince because, y'know, equally opportunities and all that crap), an explorer, a centaur (that was a new experience!), a child suffering abuse at the hands of a loved one but still coming through ok on the other side (as ok as you can be), a superhero's girlfriend, a high flying journalist (only my dream job currently!) and up next I'm going to be playing the part of parenthetical outlaw apparently.

As you sit and set out your words for the rest of us to read, do you dream about the worlds you are describing? Do you consider the way in which the rest of us are interacting with those worlds? I think of it rather like Alice in Wonderland with the falling down the rabbit hole. As you wrote about the boys fighting with each other and mounting the pig's head on the stick, I could almost smell the coppery scent of the blood and hear the flies buzzing. When the kids came through the wardrobe and into the woods, it was if you had pushed me through with them to take part in their adventures and make friends with the lion - witches be damned.

Now that I'm older and find myself being drawn into the world of vampires and werewolves, dragons and dwarves, I wonder if I'm getting too old for you. Is there an age limit on your works? Should I now be moving on to other fictional pieces? Perhaps, as like many women my age, I should be reading those Harlequin Romance books where the authors can't even use their big girl words. (Seriously, "she ran her hand up and down his pulsating shaft"?! Like we don't all know what you mean...c'mon) Or should I be exercising my brain while reading non-fiction about woodworking or biographies? It's a conundrum I face every time I set foot in the library. You all make it so difficult for me to choose one genre of book, so I apologize that I am not loyal to any one set, yet it keeps me and my incredibly patient (and hot, did I mention hot?) husband amused as I sit and chuckle while reading excerpts of your books.

I have recently read two things that have made me realise I'm not nearly as much of a freak as I had thought (well, maybe I am, but it's in a good way at least). The first was about a child who sees colours when he hears music. The entire time I was reading about him, I was nodding my head (Black Eyed Peas were playing...they get a good beat going) and thinking that I knew sort of how he felt. Then this morning I read that the lovely Moonspun sees the days of the week and the calendar in her brain as colours. Again, I was nodding along (no music this time, just a bit of a tic I get when I'm when my eye starts going and everyone thinks I'm having a stroke but I'm really not, I'm just weird).

You see, when I read, the words create more than just fictional worlds I can live in and characters I can befriend. When I read, I see your words in colour. Your words, which you have so painstakingly set out on paper and flogged to every publisher who would listen, pop off the page in the many colours of the rainbow. It's like the book morphs into a veritable kaleidoscope of beauty right before my eyes. Even in the darkest stories with danger and destruction, the blacks are not black but tinged with a hint of blue.

For me, reading has always been a wonderful experience. When those colours come off the page with the words, it becomes so much more. And more and more often I find myself getting small sparks of colour (like if you were to stick a fork in a socket...but less electrifying and death causing) popping up when I write my own words.

Thank you, all my favourite authors, for making it so difficult to choose just one (actually I probably could choose but I don't like to hurt your feelings, you might stop writing. Because, well, we all know my opinion is the most important and influential when it comes to you writing).

Here's to many more years of words and colours.

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  1. Gee.... come in contact with one person who has synesthesia and suddenly you all come crawling out of the woodwork!

    I'm so envious. It must be so wonderful to have this added dimension.

  2. @frogdancer - I dunno if it's so much synesthesia in my case as maybe just my imagination going into overdrive and making me see things? I might have to ask someone. Not quite the same as the music thing though...cos that? That's just awesome!

  3. That's a strange thing. Do you see "bad colours" and "good colours"?

  4. Thanks for joining. That was a delightful letter. I love how your words came to life for me. Thanks again

  5. Plus I love the name of your blog. I promised myself that I also describe myself as a mad woman

  6. Wow, that's an incredible post. I am in awe of authors and how they can create worlds that make me see a scene so clearly. Or describe a character who becomes so real to me. I love how your describe all of this. And of course, you know I think it's cool that words and colors are mixed for you!

  7. What a great letter! I love getting lost in a book. I've been spending way too much time in Elizabethan England lately, though. ;)


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