Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank you

As with last week, we are again invited to take part in the "Letter That I'll Never Send". This week the theme is "A letter to someone I'm thankful to". You have no idea how many people I could have written this letter to. It was hard to pick just one because there are many people in my life who I am thankful for (especially the bartenders who've poured me all my yummy drinks) and I can't very well write them ALL a letter can I. (Well I could but it would take me too long and quite frankly I don't have the patience or inclination. In other words, I can't be assed.) Anyway, I finally figured it out......

You've been there for almost a couple of years now, checking in on me, seeing how things are going in my usually normal, occasionally batshit crazy, life of mine. You offer words of support and tell me what you think (even if you know I probably don't want to hear it...and sometimes I really don't!), risking the Mad Woman's wrath raining down on your head. It's a gutsy move and not one that many people are willing to take. I'm sure that there are times when you're wanting to just shake your head, tell me I'm an idiot and slap me up the side of my head. Goodness knows there's been times when I've been tempted to do the same. To myself. Not you. (Ok, sometimes you, but not often I promise.)

You've come with me on adventures with neighbours and work colleagues, moving house and trials and tribulations with Hotty Hubby and the Spawnlets. There has always been your rather comforting shoulder to cry on and winning personality to giggle with over the insanities that are our lives (c'mon, admit it...we're insane!). And in between my own experiences, you've shared your own.

I've laughed with you (and at you), cried with you and considered hopping on flights all over the world to avenge you. You've allowed me into your life (ok, maybe "allowed" is a bit strong of a word....tolerated me there is maybe more accurate) and revealed things that make me quite humbled to know, given the relative newness of our relationship.

There are people out there who don't understand our friendship. There are times when I don't fully get it and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. I have often taken you for granted., (I bet if you showered me with goodies I wouldn't....I like gin!) but I will endeavour to not do so as often in the future. After all, it is you that keeps me going in this particular area of my life. You see, I would have given up on this whole writing thing a long time ago if it were not for you, my friends, my people (peeps, homies, amigos, potential pub partners). The fact that you continue to come back and read what I have left in this space, that you do not go running for the hills, screaming like a wild banshee (is there such a thing as a tame banshee?), that you leave comments to tell me how you feel about what I've all makes me do it again.

So thank you, you few readers out there who keep coming back. The ones who see me pop up on your feeder, the one who read when it links through to Facebook, the ones who just check in once in awhile. You all rock. And you all keep me writing these inane bits of crap.

(See what I did there? I thanked you and blamed you all at the same time ..... See? It's your fault that this crap is still being posted. Muahaha!)

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  1. Girl, you know you have to add me on FB!

    You're like crack, I couldn't give you up if I wanted to! :P

  2. I fear the wrath of Mad Woman! :-)
    And I only wish I could write as creatively and humorously as you do.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hah, that was nice of you to place the blame. ;)

  5. Absolutely entertaining read. Thank you for participating again. Feel free to leave suggestions on themes/topics you'd want next. I'd like to see what the mind of a mad woman can come up with.

  6. *sniff* I'm all choked up over here. You're welcome. Giving up chocolate is easier than giving up my daily dose of MoaMW. You were one of my very first commenters when I took my site public, you let me babble about mutant sperm in guest posts and, well, thanks! If you were closer, I'd be hanging on your neck, drunkenly yelling "I love you, man!" in my best Will Farrell impression. Just don't try to get me to drink any of that Sheep Dip whiskey. Then I'd be puking on you. And you don't want that.

  7. Yay! I've been pretty late to discover you, but still yay!

  8. I've only been with you for a few months, but I love you dearly. And you're on Facebook???? You must let me know...I would friend you immediately. Then we can have yet another place to stalk each other!!


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