Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Help For Anissa

Apparently, I have not been in my usual places at the usual times, so it was not until very late last night that I even caught wind of what has been going on since early yesterday. The entire blogosphere is coming together to talk about, to help, to try and do help this family.

Many of you might know Anissa Mayhew from Aiming Low. Honestly, I've pretty much just lurked over there because I never feel I have anything of value (or of wit) to say. But I love being there and seeing what they all have to say. Anissa is funny, honest, witty, awesome and so many other things. But right now? She and her family need our help. All of us. That includes you. And you.

I first heard about this on Twitter, and have since read more about it at Aiming Low and over at The Spohrs. I hope they will both forgive me for copying and pasting the original post, but I figured there are some of you out there who just want to know NOW without having to click through a million links, what is going on.

As you may have heard, Anissa, our beloved friend and leader at Aiming Low, suffered a stroke on Tuesday afternoon. She is in the hospital right now, in the ICU.

More than anything, Anissa needs your prayers and positive thoughts but to the many people in the Atlanta area who have offered help to the Mayhew family, we have set up a form for you to fill out so we can have everyone’s contact info in one place (please be assured your information will be kept private). If you are NOT in the Atlanta area but still want to help, you can also leave your information on that form.

Things that would be helpful right now are gift cards to restaurants and gift cards to the movies or to Blockbuster (to help keep the kids occupied) and gas/hotel gift cards for her extended family. We will be setting up a PO Box on Wednesday and posting the address here along with any updates. Please don’t send anything to the hospital or the Mayhew home. If you have questions, please email

We ask that you please respect the Mayhew family’s privacy by NOT calling the hospital and we thank you all SO MUCH for your outpouring of love and support for Anissa and her family.

With thanks and love,
The Aiming Low Team

UPDATE: An address has been set up to send cards and packages:
860 Johnson Ferry Road 140-184
Atlanta, GA 30342

Since then, over at the CaringBridge site set up for Anissa and her family, her husband has been posting updates. The latest of which is:


What we know is she had a massive stroke.

She bled into the brainstem and pons areas of the brain. She is no longer sedated but still unconcious and unresponsive. Vitals are mostly stable except for a lowgrade fever most likely due to the damage to the pons. The pons control the bodies ability to regulate temperature. She is still on a vent and it is unclear if she is capable of breathing on her own. She has had an mri/mra/ct today. An eeg is pending. We’re in a waiting game now for survival first, and ultimately for her to wake up.

I'm pretty sure you can all understand the seriousness of this whole situation. I know that there are some of you out there who can, and likely will, donate something. I am also aware that there are those of you who can't, but might be able to put together a care package for those beautiful children of hers. More than anything though....spare a few prayers and thoughts for the family. This won't be easy on them.

Anissa...everyone's rooting for you lady. Come on back to us. Come on back to your kiddies.

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  1. I was really sorry to hear this, I have no idea who she is, but she seems way to young to be going through this, and appears to have young children as well. I had never head of her before this happened, but by the number of people who have blogged about this, and linked to the post on the Spohrs site, she is well liked by many people. I'll be hoping for the best.

  2. This is just awful. Sending many prayers her way and hoping for the best.

  3. How very sad. Sending prayers from here too.


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