Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shakespeare, Take Me Away!

I'm pretty sure you all know about my love affair with the written word. I love me my books and if I like one enough, I'll tell you all about it here, because I think that you should also be able to roll around in the world portrayed.

Something else I love? Book stores. And libraries. You know that shiver that runs down your spine when someone touches you in just the right way? Yeah, you know. I know you do. Well, have you ever had that same feeling when you walk into a building? Or see a picture of something you love portrayed in a beautiful way?


Well. You're missing out then folks!

There was a bookstore in a town I used to live in and I loved going in there. It wasn't huge, it wasn't even particularly pretty. But the books had that old, loved smell and I could hang out in there for hours. I'd run my hands along the shelves, feeling the hard spines of the books and watching the dust fly off the really old ones. I'd find myself a chair and sit there flicking through the pages of an old classic while listening to the rest of the books calling me, begging to be held and read.

I haven't found another shop like it. There IS a shop here in town (which I fully intend to frequent every couple of weeks) called StillBooks and they not only sell distillery stuff, but books too. Last time I was in there, they had a whole schwack of old books for cheap cheap prices. I'm talking Rudyard Kipling collections published in 1903...for TEN DOLLARS!! $10!!!! Yeah, I'll be taking advantage of that. Now all I need is a bookcase.

Libraries are also special to me, but mostly for financial purposes. If money was no object, then I would have walls and walls of books. Old ones, new ones, classics, wouldn't matter to me. But sadly, money IS an issue and so I resort to raiding the library 10 books at a time. And in some parts of the world, there are amazing libraries!

Hotty Hubby forwarded me a link from The Nonist where he had found a book by Candida Höfer and it showed a whole bunch of great libraries of the world. Some of them are truly, truly amazing and I wish I could visit them all and just stand there and smell the air. (Yes, I'm aware of how creepy that sounds.)

But then I found some even better pictures.

Like this bookstore in China.......for kids!

Or this one in Buenos Aires.....

But my personal favourite was this teeny tiny one that reminded me of the one I used to like to haunt.

This one is in Paris. I now have an overwhelming desire to go there, purely for this one store..

You can check out the rest of the pics and actual details and interesting stories behind these bookstores at THIS LINK HERE. That's where these pics came from.

So what does it for you? Are you like me and the thought of a bunch of old books all huddled together totally gets you going? Or is it shoes/clothes/food/sex toys/something else that you're too embarrassed to mention?

Tell me!

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  1. I love books. LOVE. Lust after. Covet. I wrote about them today as well, and am planning a series.

  2. I also enjoy such type of activities....I go once a week to old book stores in my city..

  3. Oh, I'm a bookstore and library girl, too. It's just a shame my bookstore job doesn't afford me the opportunity to buy a lot of books, but that's a bonus for the libraries, because I'm so very often in one or online searching the inventories for titles I want to read. I keep a notebook in my purse that's filled with the titles of books I want to read!

  4. I love books and bookstores too! I have a Kindle and I still hang out in bookstores! : )

  5. I love bookstores...and libraries. They always have a wonderful smell. There is a wonderful independent one in our state capital, that has awesome uneven and squeaky wooden's a favorite.
    I'd love to have a huge house just so I could have a library awesome would that be?

  6. When my grandfather died I took carloads of his old books. I love being surrounded by them.

    Sex toys are nice too. And shoes. And, right, books.

  7. The "book smell" is one of my favorites! I am stocking up on books I love from garage sales and secondhand stores, and also on children's classics that I'm hoping the kids will read one day.

    Love those bookstore pics!

  8. Oh, how I'd love to work in a bookstore. Or not, because my entire paycheck would be spent before I even got it.

  9. old books, especially old poetry books, just make me squee! i have spent some great moments in old book shops and antique shops.
    and silver spoons, crystal and pens!

  10. Give me a bookstore over any other kind. That's one of my favorite date nights - dinner and a trip to the bookstore. We've planned vacations around jaunts to our favorites in other states. Like Moonspun, I'd love a house that was big enough to have a library room. *sigh*

  11. I think I just had a book-gasm. I love going to the library and the various bookstores. I would give my left nut (if I have nuts to give) to go to any one of the stores you showed in this post.


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