Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (mostly)

Marlborough Anniversary was this past weekend. Here's a few snapshots from the parade....

This is the District Band, First Class Brass Band and Air Force Band. My mom plays with them.

Girl Spawn in her first ever parade. She's a St. John's Ambulance Youth member.

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  1. yea Girl spawn! And what pray tell does she do with St. John and his ambulances?

  2. I forget there are places that can have parades during the winter!

  3. Parades are fun! I used to be a majorette. Betcha didn't know that.

  4. Go Girl Spawn! Cheeks will be marching her first parade next week (Veterans' Day). I'm betting the weather will be MUCH different!

  5. OK, we Americans only know about our own holidays, and then only the Christian ones. What the heck is Marlborough Anniversary? Oh, and if it has something to do with being better than the USA, I'll forget as soon as you tell me.

  6. Looked like Girl Spawn was having fun.


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