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A Kind of Magic.....all we're missing is Freddie

At the risk of sounding like a scratchy, broken record....this is another post that mentions the Great Interview Experiment. Except this time? It's the actual interview! I know! You thought I'd never get there didn't you?

Last year when I did this, I interviewed someone whose blog I'd never read before. This year, the same thing happened. I kind of like it because I get to know someone and I get to go through their blog with a fine toothed mouse button and then think of oddball questions to ask them that have very little to do with their actual blog. On the other hand, it can be difficult to ask a stranger questions without knowing whether it will offend them or not. I seem to have come off lucky in this case though!

I'd like you all to meet Kirsty of Magic27. She's a British woman living in France with her husband and two daughters. And I think she's bloody fascinating...............


First of all, I’m incredibly glad that I have been given the chance to interview you for this whole gig, because now I have another blog to read and that makes me happy. Almost as happy as a pig in muck.

Now. First question - What are you wearing right now? I don’t ask in a weird stalker-ish way, so much as a public service for my readers who have certain tastes and quirks. I guarantee if you say anything other than a clown suit, you’ll have them hooked. They’re great like that.

Well, black jeans that are a little too big (feelgood factor!), a pale pink polo-neck with a grey cotton jumper on top, pink and purple socks and my (long, red) hair is tied back with a black and silver scrunchy. Oh, and if you're interested, a red bra and knickers, both much less sexy than they sound.

I was reading your “20 Vital Things About Me” and was kind of nodding my head as I went down the list until I got to number 12 which is pretty much when I went into weird happy convulsions because my husband thinks I’m the pickiest eater ever. And now I have proof I’m not. Except I need to know this… you eat green things now? How about bananas?

Yes, I do eat some green stuff now (but not all, oh no, not all). And I love bananas. If I were still in Britain I probably wouldn't be considered a picky eater at all, but here in France (where they truly do eat some unspeakable stuff, plus my husband will eat ANYTHING) I'm considered a real wimp. I won't eat shellfish, or snails (no surprise there) or frogs' legs, or andouillette (a horrible sausage thing made of unspeakable bits of animal), or many other things (like rabbit, horse, offal..., fish that still has its head on... I could go on and on). There are many, many fruit and vegetables that I never feel like eating (don't actively dislike them, just can't face the thought of eating them) - stuff like oranges (hate the pith and transparent skin stuff), grapes, tomatoes... BUT I have succeeded in deflecting attention off my habits by having a younger daughter who is infinitely WORSE than I ever was (though my elder daughter will eat, or at least try, most things). L is basically a fast-food junkie (in her dreams though not in reality), a carnivore and a pasta freak. No fruit, no vegetables without a struggle.

You have two girls close in age to my own two little spawnlets. My 7 ½ year old is a real cow a lot of the time right now. Do you find the same thing happening with your 8 year old?

My not-quite-8-year-old is actually pretty much OK. Yeah, she has her teenage tantrums and drama queen moments, but basically she's fine. L, on the other hand, can be a real handful. She's cute and bright and funny and charming... on her own. She gets on fine with her big sister for a while (quite a long while, even), but eventually the whining, sniping, kicking, biting, hitting or whatever will start. She's a real spitfire! I'm dreading her adolescence already!

Tell us a random (and perhaps juicy) fact about yourself. We live for this kind of thing.

This is tough! My life is quite dull, really... Hmmm... Let's go back in time a bit, to when things weren't quite so dull... When I was a student in Spain I was assaulted by a very over-eager Spanish guy. As I ran away (don't know how I managed to get away, in fact: he was a soldier and much bigger than me) I slipped on some stairs and tore the ligaments in my ankle. Totally craptastic day.

You spend a lot of time up in the middle of the night when us folks who claim to be normal are usually attempting to sleep. Are you a night owl by nature or is it a natural by-product of having children?

Oh, totally by nature. As a student, I chose courses by what time of day they were (when possible) and avoided morning ones. I've always liked working late at night and find it impossible to go to bed early. I can be exhausted at 7 pm, and ready to go to bed, but of course I can't as there's too much to do at that time of night. And then, by about 10 pm, I'm raring to go once again. It's terrible!

What do you think you’d be like if you lived in the 1800s? Personally I think I’d die a horrible slow death from starvation because there ain’t no way you’d get me doing hard work out in the fields or slaughtering animals (I leave that to the offence to the vegetarians).

Well, given my current financial status and "career" prospects, I would imagine that I'd have been a poor governess or something. Nothing rich and fancy, that's for sure. And I'd probably have died of some ghastly disease, too.

If I was to win a whole lot of money and decide to spend it on making a movie about you instead of frittering it away on booze, houses and clothes……what would the movie be called and which hot starlet would play you? And who would you pick for your leading man?

Obviously, I'd like to be played by a glamorous Hollywood star with red hair (not that there are many of those), someone like Julianne Moore for example. But I suspect the film would be less glamorous than that, probably starring the chubbed-up version of Renée Zellwegger with her hair dyed red. My ideal leading man would be Johnny Depp (swooooooonnnn). And the title? "Reasonably content but going nowhere". Not very snappy, I know, but appropriate.

This is a very important question. Do you like scary roller coasters? Do you scream like a little girl while you crap your pants or do you throw your hands up in delight and laugh at all the losers puking up the 12 corndogs that they ate before getting on the ride?

I haven't been on a real rollercoaster for about 20 years, but I loved them back then. Now, aged as I am, I suspect I'd barf. But I'm not particularly scared.

If you knew that there was zero chance of it resulting in a big fat fail, what would you do?

If success were guaranteed, I'd launch myself as a writer and artist. I've always believed I have some kind of artistic talent, but have never really found exactly what it is. My NaNoWriMo made me proud of myself, just for the fact of doing it, but I know I'll never have the courage to show it to anyone.

Why did you decide to start your blog? Do you think you’ll keep it going for years and years until your kids are starting their own or is it just a flash in the pan kind of thing? Will us bribing you with chocolate make any difference to your answer?

I started it as a kind of diary, knowing that almost no one would ever read it. In fact, I don't want anyone I actually know to read it (particularly my mother-in-law, I'm not very flattering about her!). But I enjoy it and don't intend to stop. I need to do NaBloPoMo every now and then to discipline me into posting regularly, though. And all bribes of chocolate will be accepted very gladly. Particularly Cadbury's Dairy Milk... yum!

I know it'll be hard to answer this one because I'm not sure even *I* could pick a fave from your blog after going through all your posts (I told you...stalker!) but what is your favourite blog entry from the past year and a half of blogging?

That's probably this one (Mirror, Mirror) because it's the one that rings the most true. I really don't look the way I think I look, which makes me wonder what other people must make of me. I buy clothes because I think they'll look good on me but in fact, I suspect that most of them probably don't. So the "Mirror, mirror" thing is horribly realistic. Mirrors depress me (my hair! my skin! my teeth! my wrinkles! my legs! my muffin! GAAAAHHHH).

What is your pet peeve? Like, what really annoys you, gets your goat, makes steam come out your ears like Wiley Coyote?

Oh, this is easy: the average French person's lack of civility. Sweeping generalisation, of course, but just try walking around a French city (I've tried several, they're all the same). French people won't step out of your way, won't hold doors open, won't use just one side of an escalator to allow people in a hurry to run up quickly, don't give up their seats for old people, can't queue to save their lives and are, in general, deeply, deeply selfish. That doesn't mean they can't be lovely people when you get to know them, but common courtesy and stuff mean NOTHING to these people and it drives me BATSHIT. I've lived in France since 1992 and STILL haven't got used to it!

I've often said, publicly, that my boobs are my best feature....what do you think is yours? And along those same lines (if you think on wobbly wiggly lines like I do), what is your worst habit?

I have pretty low self-esteem, so this is hard. Despite my hideous white skin, I think I probably like my neck and shoulders best. Quite a long neck, narrow and slender shoulders. In stark contrast with my muffin top and blubbery thighs. As for my worst habit: that's easier: chewing my lip. I've tried every lip balm known to man, none of them stop my lips from chapping and when I feel that little flap of skin, I just have to pull it off. Gross, I know, but hey, that's what bad habits are all about!

And finally....

If the whole world was listening (and a small portion of it IS right now), what would you say?

If the whole world were listening to me, I think I would say something either really pretentious like "stop fighting about religion and get to grips with keeping the planet safe" or else something totally daft like "make cakes no war". Yeah, I'm pretty anti-religion (even if my daughters are in a Catholic school - how did that happen?!) and very anti-war...

Thanks for playing Kirsty!! Now....go eat some green veggies and frog legs. *Gag*

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  1. I love the stuff British people say. So proper, even when they are not! :D

  2. frog legs really do taste just like chicken! Haven't tried them in years though!

  3. I knew you and I were meant to be "friends" - I just put together my interview today to send off - and our first questions are the same yo!

  4. The night owls ARE the normal people... when will the others get it?

  5. I was jealous for a second (my eight year old is definitely of the devil), but her time seems to be coming.
    I have an award for you on my blog!

  6. Great interview! The questions and the answers made me laugh out loud. And that's a good thing. :)


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