Monday, March 8, 2010

The libido. The life force. The essence. The right stuff. What the French call a certain... I don't know what.

Erm. Hi. Remember moi? That chick who used to come here on a relatively regular basis and blather on and on about pretty much nothing and you all sat and took it? Did you realise it has been almost a frick frackin' MONTH since I last posted anything here?!?! I know! How the hell did that happen?

I'll tell you how because I know it's been weighing on you and you couldn't possibly continue with the rest of your day...nay - life!... without knowing. It's very simple really. I lost it. I lost my bloggy mojo.

But! (Muahhaha!) I'm back! To terrorize you into oblivion! Or just bore you to death. Also? I'll be back to reading all your stuff very very soon. I'm thinking of campaigning for 36 hour days so that I have enough time to get everything done. What do you think?

So. Here's the general gist of things:

I went away to camp with the spawnlets for the weekend. To the surprise of some people, this was a church run camp. Hubby stayed here. It was a fun weekend with lots of play time, swimming, water slides etc. The kids had a fantastic time and I learned a lot about myself, my beliefs and my future.

When we came home, we spent a couple of hours with Hubby and then put the kids to bed. It was Valentine's Day. I'd already had a text from my mother asking if I had done anything for Hubby for the day and I'm all "Umm. No. We don't DO those over commercialized, store run holidays. We don't love each other enough for all that crap". I went across the road for a bit in the evening and when I came back I found a note on the door signifying Hotty Hubby's total mutiny from the regime. He'd broken 8 years of tradition of NOT doing anything for V-Day and had put together a treasure hunt of sorts. I followed little pink notes around the house, collecting matches and candles and my robe....only to end up in the bedroom where there was soft music playing and a massage waiting. I still didn't get him anything.

A few days later, my younger sister arrived from Auckland for a week and that took up a bunch of a good way. The kids were so happy to see her. Me? I got my ass kicked in a play fight and I'm STILL sporting bruises on my arms. That girl is a tough (and dirty) fighter!

Since then? I've been working, hanging with the kids, READING (!!) and just relaxing. I've even been able to watch the news. And the Olympics. Which reminds your face USA!! Muahahaha. I sat glued to that last hockey game and just about crapped my pants when I thought y'all were gonna win.

And for those of you who are doing Lose It Bitches, since my last blog post, I have weighed in 4 more times gaining 500 g (1.1 lbs) and then losing 1.8 kgs (3.96 lbs), 700 g (1.54 lbs) and last week was 900 g (1.98 lbs). So doing well for the most part. That small gain was the only one I've had in over 3 months so I'm considering myself lucky.

Alright lovers...that's a wrap. I'm going to go and check out what's happening with all of you and hope to have something of more substance next time I come back. Which should be in a few days.

Oh! You can also find me over at Looking For My Feet.....blathering on a bit more about my weight loss journey and successes.

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  1. Well. As I was all armed and ready to warmly welcome you back to us, you have to go and talk of pant crapping if the US won?


    Alright. Got that out of my system and am now ready to give you a slobbery kiss.

  2. 'Bout bloody time you showed your face around here again wench! Thought you had dumped me to suffer in madness all by my lonesome!

  3. Thank goodness you're back. One of my friends dropping off the blogosphere is enough - I was beginning to think it was something I said. :p

  4. Sounds like your time away was good quality time...that's a big fat win!

    welcome back!

  5. Yeah, at least the USA was good for something - if nothing else, a good "almost crap". :) We tried. :)

  6. Woohoo! Have been wondering about you. :) Sounds like things have been going well. And what a lovely V-Day surprise!

  7. Thanks goodness you didn't die - I hae been kinda worried about you - having all these stories running through my head....I should of wrote them all down for

  8. Always good to know that you are still kicking ass and taking names as you swim, read, parent and have V-day sex with hubby! :-)

  9. Oh I thought USA was gonna win but hey Canada winning on their home ice is nice too.

  10. Men's and woman's, just like Salt Lake. Now I'm getting all veklemp.

  11. We so kicked ass in hockey!

    Considered sending out a search party for you but figured you'd be back sooner or later, so GLAD that you are!

  12. Great you are back and great job with the weight loss!!

  13. Welcome back! I have been falling off Bloland every so often too.

  14. Missed you, but missed your metric to imperial conversions even more!

  15. Congrats on the weight loss! I know what you mean about time flying by. I have a hard time balancing real life vs blog life and sometimes you just need a nice break! Glad to see you out and about!!

  16. Hi there! I'm just stopping by to follow your blog! Hope you can come follow mine! Thanks and have a great day!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins


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