Friday, May 21, 2010

For Daffy

Many of you know, or at least know OF, Daffy from Batcrap Crazy. If you don't, you should. She is one of the most caring, wonderful and awesome people I have ever had the opportunity to get to know in this blog world of ours. She's always got a word of advice or love, a shoulder to cry on, or a funny quip when you need one.

Well, now Daffy needs us.

Daffy's big sister (BigSis) found out last week that she had brain tumours. Since then, a lot has happened. Now, Daffy is having to say goodbye to her sister. And that, my friends, sucks ass in the hugest way.

I am the oldest child in my family. My little sister (LilSis) is 11 years younger than me. When I was a teenager, I spent a fair amount of time wondering why in the heck this little rugrat had to trail around after me and my friends, why I had to babysit AGAIN, and what I had ever done to deserve the torment. But in between, I loved having this small fry worshiping me and wanting to be just like me.

When LilSis was 10, I moved from NZ to Canada in the search of something better. It broke my heart to be leaving her behind but I needed to go. I was gone almost 9 years. By the time I returned to NZ with my family in tow, I'd missed so much. My sister was no longer a little girl, she was now a woman!

We're still getting reacquainted with each other but I love her so much. I can't imagine not having her in my life and so when I heard about Daffy's sister, my heart broke into a million pieces.

Today, in honour of Daffy and her sister, I ask you to please tell your sisters/brothers/moms/dads/friends how much you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. Repair bridges and just love each other. It's so important.

Daffy - we love you! ((HUGS))

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  1. I just logged on to blogger to update my own blog and your post was at the top of my reader.

    Thank you so very much. I am just so blown away by all of the support from blogland. I can't even begin to describe how very much it has helped move me through the last week of events and will continue to support and propell me through the coming weeks.

    I don't think I'll visit any other blogs tonight - I am in desperate need of sleep - so're special :o) You get a comment :O)

    thank you again for your kind words and being the awesome big sister that you are!

  2. This is such a sweet post. Daffy is lucky to have you to support her.

    I am not particularly close to my sister (I'm 20 years older than her), but your post makes me want to call her.

  3. @Just Lisa- My favourite sister if I had one (which I do, and she is. ;) is 17 years older than me. She's one of my very best friends and I'm so glad she was around while I was growing up so we do have that connection. Give your baby sister a call, she'll be glad to know you think about her. :)

  4. I should probably ETA:

    @Daffy, I'm rooting for your sisters (the younger'n, too) and you. I'll sling good wishes towards your end of the universe.

  5. Aw, a very sweet post. My sisters are a lot younger than me too.

  6. Thanks for posting this, Maggie. I don't know what I'd do without my siblings. No matter how different we are or what petty issues seem to keep us from getting together as often as we should, we all know we can count on one another during the rough times. Many prayers to Daffy and her family.

  7. So sweet of you to post this for're right...we should all reach out to our siblings right now...because you just never know. :(

  8. This is such a truly touching post! I can't even imagine the sorrow Daffy and her family are going through right now. I'm so sorry this happened.

  9. This is a beautiful post! This blog world rocks!

  10. Two of my four sisters have had surgery to remove brain tumors, the older one has had to do it twice! I feel very fortunate, in that they have both were lucky that the tumors were inside the skull, but outside the dura (the grey membrane around the brain).

    You are a good bloggy-friend, Mags.

  11. Thanks for the reminder Maggie and the support for someone you love...

  12. Thanks for this--we all need to remember these things. Daffy's situation puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

  13. love that you posted this for Daffy. ANd I'm soooooo glad she saw it when she was on the computer!

    There are still a few calls I need to make, but I'm working on it.....

  14. It is amazing how it takes things like this to realise how we take everything for granted, isn't it?

    Will be thinking of Daffy and her family.


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