Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little bits of random

I've kind of got thoughts that are bouncing around all over the place, so you're getting a little bit of randomness today. I apologize in advance.

** Yesterday (or July 26th, whenever that may have been for you, depending on where you live) marked an anniversary of sorts for the Mad Woman household. We have now lived in New Zealand for an entire year. It could just be me, but this year seems to have just flown by. I still vividly remember the many teary goodbyes with friends and then sobbing at the airport as I bid goodbye to my father. We're happy here though. The kids are settled and having fun, we've both got jobs and we're doing well as a couple and as a family. No regrets! We do miss everyone though!

** One of the things I have noticed as I lose weight is that aside from my clothes fitting differently and The Man starting to look at me in an even more horny manner, if that is at all possible, is that the wrinkles are starting to show. You see, I don't have as much fat to push them out. So, I am starting to look more my age. There's not many wrinkles, but there's a few. This became rather evident last night at a Zumba class. I had gone with Young Friend who is 20. Part way through the class, we were asked to divide into two different groups - one on each side of the room. As we did do, a woman looked me and suggested "you should probably be on the other side of the class from your daughter". I just about swallowed my tongue as I choked on that one! Clearly a bit of makeup and some anti-aging cream is in order!

** Have you seen that episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny gives Sheldon a ride somewhere and he notices her "check engine" light is on? That was me the other day. It came on as I left a client's house and I drove around for a little while, happily ignoring it, until that episode popped into my head and I decided I couldn't go home and have The Man go all Sheldon on me, so I stopped and had it looked at. Turns out my car was just about COMPLETELY out of oil (as in, not even showing on the dipstick....which I guess makes ME the dipstick) and rather low on water. It's a wonder I manage to survive from day to day.

** I have realised that the spawnlets are never short of amazing one liners to make me giggle. The latest couple?

Girl Spawn talking about how cold it is in the house: "You know Momma, if we had enough hot water bottles, we could have social heating!"

We're pretty sure she means SOLAR heating which of course has nothing to do with hot water bottles, but I suppose she could mean a bunch of naked, social people cuddled up with hot rubber. You never know with her.

Boy Spawn after calling out to us to come and turn his light off for the night: "I'm done reading!!! *pause* Y'know, all this yelling at night is making my breath hurt!"

I tried to tell him that it's his throat but he maintains it is his breath that hurts and not the tube in his neck. I'll have to take his word for it.

** It occurred to me the other day how much I'm beginning to enjoy having women as friends. In the past, I've spent more of my time with guys because they can usually get ready quickly, don't bitch a lot and can skull a beer as fast as I can. But in the last few years, after a couple of drama queens and queen bees were left behind, I have begun to enjoy the company of women a bit more. It's a strange feeling. Really strange. Or maybe it's the women who are strange. Yeah, we'll go with that.

** Would any of you be interested in doing a guest post for me? I'd like to have a guest poster on a semi regular basis and would love if you'd drop me a line. Anything goes!

So, what random thoughts are floating through your brain these days?

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  1. The kidlets are too cute! Social heating would be alot of fun!!!

    Sucks about the wrinkles.

    Women are strange. But my female girlfriends are my family. When you find good ones, hang onto them!

  2. Me me! I'd love to be a guest poster!! You and I have the same twisted..um..brilliant sense of humor. That would be a BLAST! Let me know

  3. rofl at your spawnlets! I'm literally still giggling at the visualisation fromyour interpretation of social heating.

  4. I think finding a woman or group of women you can count on, laugh with, and inevitably cry to with complete trust is truly a gift. I'm glad you've made connections with some!

  5. Naked people with hot rubber? I am having social heating installed this afternoon!

  6. Your daughter is onto the next trend in social networking. Market it now! :) So glad you've found some good girlfriends - I couldn't get by without mine. Would be happy to guest post for you again, if you'll have me.

  7. 1.) OMG. I so love Big Bang Theory. (I'm married to a Sheldon-double. Well, by personality anyway. Type-A and always right. Always. Annoying.)

    2.) I totally agree with the wrinkle thing. Where the fuck did they come from?! damn wrinkles!

    3.) I'd love to guest post! Just give me a holler. I'll have to think of some kind of jazzy topic. Are you particular about the topic?

    4.) GOOD women friends rock. Seriously rock. BAD women friends can be a massive downer and take everyone down along with them.

  8. I would offer guest performances, but I'm too busy working on becoming a famous writer. And a rich one. Just sayin'...

  9. Kiwi, huh? How cool is that? I've heard it's a gorgeous country. Your kids are adorable!

  10. i'll write for you! and you gotta start a side project about what the kids say! have you read the shit my dad says on twitter? you know you're going to look nooooooooow!
    anyways, i miss you too!!! i can't believe it's been a year... wow.

  11. Social heating does sound like fun! lol

  12. I know what you mean about wrinkles!! Hate them!!! The older you get the closer your girlfriends are to you!! Great post!!

  13. Oooh - I would have told that woman to f*ck off! I've noticed a lot more wrinkles lately ... hate them! Maybe it's because I'm the only woman walking around Orange County who HASN'T had plastic surgery?

  14. If it wasn't for my kids one liners I wouldn't have much to blog about.

    PS. I haven't forgotten about the jersey pic, but the combination of heat and constipation (baby's, not mine)is not making for a good photo shoot.

  15. Too funny about losing weight and the way the man looks at you...so far every time I have lost a substantial amount of weight I end up pregnant (only 2x) and I certainly do not want that again! LOL!

  16. Unfortunately, all of my thoughts are random. Like I was thinking that you don't need wrinkle cream as much as some folks need duct tape.

    Just a thought.

  17. I really can't believe you've been there a whole year. Of course, I have no concept of time. I was finding myself appalled the other day over the fact that my daughter will be 17 in a few weeks. wth?


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