Monday, August 2, 2010

Guest Poster: "What I Know For Sure"

When I put a call out for people who might want to guest post here, the wonderful B, the Frantic Mommy, Queen of the Kingdom of TIRED, jumped at the chance! She was all "pick me! pick me!" and because she was so insistent and I was a little bit scared she might stalk me, I let her do it.

Alright, I let her do it because I think she rocks and her sense of humour is similar to mine. That statement alone should send you running for the hills, but I hope you'll stick around to learn more about what she knows for sure and when you're done, please go say hello to her and tell her how bad you want to be her friend!


Life can be tough sometimes..

So tough and complicated that it can't be described in a few paragraphs or even several pages.

Then there's those..moments.

Those truisms or observations that are just so obvious you want to smack your forehead and mutter "Duh!"

I guess it's facts and "stuff" you could chalk up to "what I know for sure...."

The following are a few of those.

Some I read years ago, but can't remember where. Some are "Franticmommy-isms", and some came from the lips of my many Girlfriends and Fellow Moms.

All are meant to make you smile...

...and most should be taken with a salty grin:

*Chain letters and mass email "forwards" are just plain annoying. Knock it off.

*On the days you look your worst, they are days you will see the most people you know. Ball cap please?

*Never pass on an opportunity to pee. (as my Norwegian Gramma used to say "Speak now or forever hold your pee...")

*Don't ask a question if you can't handle the answer.

*Cute teenagers only exist on TV.

*Smarting off to your Mom is a lot like yawning and hiccuping at the same time. You are just bound to get hurt in the process.

*Many people have a photographic memory. But many of us are just lacking the film.

*Whoever invented nylons had to be male. No woman would do that to another woman.

*You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, you can pick your seat at the movies...but you can't pick your relatives.

*I live in my own world. But that's ok. Everyone knows me here.

*Mothers could be the travel agents for guilt's in our contracts.

SO what do YOU know for sure?

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  1. Yup - you are right on. I felt the pain of the second one this weekend. The grocery seems to be the places where EVERYONE goes. Go figure :)

  2. I always run into people when I look like crap!! And if Im lookin damn good? I wont see a soul. But Im so vain I take pics of myself on those good days. LOL

  3. * The days that I'm in a hurry at the store is the day every stupid person in the world decides to go shopping too.

    * You know that you're officially old when teenagers start to look scary. And have strange haircuts.

  4. If you think that quick trip to the grocery store in your sweats, no make up and bed hair, will be justified if you slap on some lip gloss, you're wrong. You still look like crap only with shiny lips. Just go and keep your head down!

  5. I've missed you!

    Great set of quotes/ideas. I relate to the smarting off to your mom and the NYLON idea. Seriously?! Who wants to walk around with their crotch suffocated all day! Yet somehow we do it.

    Also, the days we look ugly are the days we see the man of our dreams. Absolutely!

    So glad to be back to the blog world!


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