Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is this thing on?? *tink tink*

Either I'm really really dense when it comes to this whole blogging in advance thing (which is entirely possible if you know me at all) or Blogger sucks ass in a big way (also entirely possible). Regardless, I had a whole slew of incredibly amazing, hilarious and insightful posts lined up to post over the last few weeks and when I came back today to check comments, of which I knew there would be many because you all love me so much, there was none. And I was all well what the hell? And then I looked and realised that because I'm dense and because Blogger sucks ass in the hugest way known to the giant behemoths of the world, none of said rip roaringly funny posts appeared where they were meant to. And then I checked my email and noticed that some of you had even emailed me to see where the hell I've been.

This month has been really busy folks. Remember those visas we've been waiting on for our move to New Zealand? They're still not here. Remember that house we had to vacate by a certain date? We were out of there on the 14th and only JUST managed to find a place to live. And now we live under a mini herd of elephants. We found ourselves a furnished basement suite and brought our meager belongings in. The women who lives upstairs is a teeny tiny Japanese woman with a 13 year old boy and an 11 year old girl. And 5 cats. Those felines are actually slightly cute when you hear them hop down from the 12 foot perch they were sitting on and then thunder across the floor. The people, not so much. In between chasing each other at high speed back and forth across the house, it sounds rather like they're bowling. And they couldn't possibly be bowling, could they?! During the day this interesting aspect of our new abode can be rather amusing....if I don't have to work that night. Otherwise, it's usually a good idea to have a set of industrial strength earplugs to drown out the noise of what could only be compared to a thunderstorm of immense magnitude.

This past weekend we made the trek across the province to go and see my cousin get married. After a month or more of deliberating and tossing around the idea, we finally reached the decision that while it would take longer, it would be easier (and cheaper) to drive to Calgary. So on the Friday evening after Hotty Hubby finished work, we piled into the car and headed on our merry way.

12 hours.

Twelve freakin' hours people! In a car. With the two spawn.

Ok, it wasn't that bad actually. I took the first driving shift because I'm used to being up all night. Hotty Hubby tried to pass out in the passenger seat and the spawn got comfy in the back seat (as comfy as you can get sitting up) and went to sleep. I amused myself playing "name the imaginary friend" (the answer is always always Drop Dead Fred by the way) and sang along to music that I knew hubby would hate. I cruised along at high speed until I started to get sleepy and gave him a chance behind the wheel. It was pretty short lived, he was more tired than I was. The drive through the mountains was amazing! We stopped for breakfast in Banff (ski town) and were rewarded with this amazing view.

At some point between Banff and Calgary he somehow managed to piss off some redneck in a big ass truck who decided that he was going to be attempt a display of macho intimidation (note: it just made you look like a dink!) and drive along side us shouting profanities that we couldn't hear and flipping us the bird. Ahhh the memories.

We finally arrived in Calgary at 10am and headed for the hotel to get ready for the wedding which was starting at 1pm. Colour me excited! Not only was I getting to witness my cousin marry the man of her dreams, but I was getting to see family that I hadn't seen in at least 12 years. Aunts, cousins, grandparents....amazing.

Laurel was a beautiful bride and she married an amazing guy who looked so proud to be up there with her. Boy spawn passed out pretty much the minute she started walking down the aisle but in retrospect it was probably a good thing. I imagine there's probably nothing quite like being about to say I do and having a 4 year old pipe up with "I don't WANT to be quiet!". So yeah, sleep was a blessing. The mother of the bride (hi Auntie Marf!) looked radiant, and proud, as her baby walked down the aisle and the mother of the groom looked lovely and teary as her boy moved on to the next woman who would love him just as much (and more).

Reception was amazing, the DJ rocked it out and we kept the kids hooked up to their Leapster game systems for as long as they wanted to be. They danced in between and it made for a peaceful and enjoyable evening for all.

Sunday was spent ambling around the Calgary Zoo for six hours listening to the kids whine about how bored they were with lions and tigers and giraffes (oh my!) and "When are we going to see BEARS?!". Amazing that most people are enthralled by the exotic fare and my spawnlets are content with just visiting the "Canadian Wilds" section of the zoo.

Let me just pause here in my rambling tale to tell you that if you are planning on being out in the sun, walking around for 6 hours, to please please please wear a hat and sunscreen. I'm sure that for some of you, that little tidbit of info may go in one ear and out the other as it has done for me over the years, but I speak from very unpleasant experience when I say that heatstroke sucks. Big time.

Having not consumed nearly enough water nor worn a hat all day, by the time we reached the restaurant for dinner with the extended family on Sunday evening, I was feeling a little under the weather. As I sat and listened to everyone laugh and reminisce about the good ol' days, all I could do was try and control the shaking in my hands and try and ignore the nausea that was rapidly getting worse. Eventually I could take it no more and after a quick prayer vigil at the feet (foot?) of the porcelain god, I returned to the table for an attempt at breaking the record of how fast one could consume water. 5 glasses of water, 2 glasses of Sprite and 3 packs of sugar later, I finally began to feel human again. Ahhhhh.

Like I said, heatstroke sucks.

The drive home was equally as long, but slightly more relaxed. We were able to stop in Kamloops (a town of hills and heat..neither of which are close to my heart) for a quick meeting with some friends of Hubby's that he hasn't seen in years, before heading on our way again.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and we were glad to be home.

There is something I realised by taking the trip though -- I am now officially a grown up! Sure I've done roadtrips with friends before, but they were driving. And my parents dragged me all over Europe as a teenager. But this was different. This was me, driving across the province for 12 hours. With my OWN family. Combine that with the fact that I turned 30 the day after we got back and I think I can now officially say I am a grown up. Chronologically only of course.....I will never grown up mentally. I enjoy my childish mentality.

Over and out.

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