Monday, January 25, 2010

Weiners - Part 1

It's been one of those weeks people. One of those weeks. You all know the kind of week I'm talking about. The ones where you wish you'd never bothered getting out of that one morning that started it all off. Yeah. That kind.

Nothing horrible has happened, I just feel like there hasn't been much time to come up for air. I've done hardly any reading of all your blogs, I haven't posted here, and I've not finished my book. *sigh* I just checked my Google Reader and just about died. There are 257 posts sitting there waiting to be read. On the one hand, I want to just sit here all afternoon and ignore the bleating of the spawn as they beg for food as if I haven't fed them in days as opposed to minutes, but I can't do that. So I need to either be ruthless and hit that dreaded "Mark all as read" button, which I hate to do, or I need to be selective and only read some of them. I'm leaning towards the evil button because I don't want to have to choose.

Anylame....Boy Spawn is currently defying all seasonal cues and ignoring the hearts and frills that have sprung up all over town in favour of Valentines Puke and is vegging out and watching The Polar Express. Whatever keeps him busy while Girl Spawn is out I guess. It does give me time to finally announce the "winners" of the question game we played. I say "winners" with the air quotes and sarcasm because really, you ain't winning much....just some little Kiwi stuff and my lurve. Aren't you glad?

**I ended up with 17 questions, so I'm going to split this into two parts.**

So. As picked by the Hotty Hubby. I gave him a list of all the questions with no names attached and told him to pick his top 3. And he did. If you three can send me your mailing address, I'll get your stuff out to you! Here you go:

Weiner #1 - Shazzy from Broome Blunders & Brilliance. She asked "What would be the first thing you would do if you were invisible?".

Great question Shazzy! I'm sure the answer is probably one that occurred to many of you. I'd strip naked and run around shaking my tits at everyone. Because they wouldn't be able to see all the bumps and lumps, or even the tits, this would be exceptionally fun. And then I'd pants them all

Weiner #2 - Sus from Joy Is Everywhere. She asked "What is one thing you have always wanted to do in life, but have been too scared to try?".

Hoooo boy! This required some major thinking! I always wanted to gather the guts and motivation to actually finish, and put together, all the stories I've written over the years....put them into a book and submit it to a publisher. But I'm terrified of rejection. So I keep it here, along with the kids book I started, and it does nothing. Maybe when I'm old and grey.

Weiner #3 - Dto3 from Football, Ballet and Beer. He asked "Other than me, of course, who you most likely be willing to leave your husband for, knowing that as soon as you did, all you'd have is each other because you'd now be dead broke?".

Buahahaha!! I laughed so hard at this one, mostly because I've said for years that if a hot black guy with an Irish accent showed up at my door and asked me to leave with him, I'd be gone. I'm not entirely sure how much I was kidding. I guess we'll find out when it happens eh? But in the meantime, how about I just go with Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds. I don't give a gnats fanny how broke we'd be....I could look at his face forever. Of course, if I can't have Shemar, I'm more than happy to leave for you Dto3!


Noelle at Elastic Waistbands and Comfortable Shoes (oh how I love that blog title) asked, "If you could go on a road trip with any person, dead or alive, who would you go with and where would you go?".

Y'know, I was going to pick someone famous but seeing as I've already run off with Shemar Moore, I think he covers my celeb bases. (And he'd totally get all the way to a home run with me!) So I pick my little sister. She's 19, she's awesome, and I don't know her nearly as well as I should, so a road trip would be great! As for where we'd go? I think we'd start with a tour of the USA because we've only been to a couple places, and then we'd go re-discover Europe.

Kys over at Stir-Fry Awesomeness asked, "What is the most embarrassing thing that you've ever done (drunk or sober)?".

Oh honey, I haven't got enough time in the world to fully and properly answer this question. But let me delve into the deep, dark recesses of my memory banks and see what I can find. Ok. I got suspended from school when I was 16. Not embarrassing enough? Ok. It was a boarding school. I started there in only the 2nd year that girls had EVER been at the school. Still not enough? I was suspended because my boyfriend at the time decided it would be an incredibly bright idea to sneak from his boarding house to mine in the middle of the night and climb through my window to visit. We were suspended because that same boyfriend, being an assclam, decided to leave a muddy footprint on my windowsill on one of his visits (that I never declined, for the record) and the next morning my House Mistress, finding my bedroom curtains closed when they should be open, opened my curtains and FOUND said footprint. The embarrassing part? Being taken from chapel on Sunday morning, to the Deputy Head Master's office where I had to 'fess up to my actions. Of course, we were spoken to separately so I had NO idea what boyfriend/assclam was admitting to or not. For my part? I chose to admit nothing other than the fact that he had indeed been in my room and that ALL we did was talk. *snort* Turns out that he did the same. Phew! We got suspended for a week, our parents were not terribly impressed. Mine had to come across to England from Germany to get me, and his dad said "Well, if you were going to get caught, I hope you had fun". The MOST embarrassing part? Finding out that we had been referred to, by staff members, as "sexual miscreants and deviants". Fun times people, fun times! And I was SOBER!

Lisa from The World According 2 Lisa asked "You are told you have won a trip. All the tickets & paperwork are taken care of, but all you cane take is (a) 10 items in a small travel pack and (b) wear a max of 8 items on the plane (socks = one pair, glasses count). What do you wear & pack?"

Well, you didn't tell me where I was going, so I decided I won a tropical trip to Bali. Which is great because it makes packing SO much easier.

Wear: Flip Flops, Glasses, Sarong, Tank top, 2 pairs of underwear, bra and jacket. I figured if I wore 2 pairs of undies, I could wash one and wear one.

Pack: Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, 2 books, my iPod, another sarong, bathing suit, tank top, and a picture of my new beau - Shemar.

Kerrie over at The Mini Van Soap Box wanted to know "What brand of underwear do you wear?".

Erm. *cough* Um. Are you making a pass at me? I wear the cheapest brand I can find at whatever store is closest, in the biggest quantities I can buy at the time. But if you have a better suggestion, I'm happy to listen.

More questions in a couple days folks!

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  1. Loved the questions. Loved the answers even better. Hey, I am so behind on my blog reading, too! I have been sick. I am gonna try to read and comment as much, but if I skip a few...well, my peeps love me. If you have to skip mine, do. I have been sick and it ain't all that great. :) Hugs to my fave Kiwi!

  2. Great questions! I have those weeks too where I just can't do it. Honestly! And I am woefully behind on my blog reading too. It bothers me! But I do write when I can and send stuff out. Rejection be damned! I believe rejections have only made me a better writer! Now I actually do get published! If I can, anyone can.

  3. That tropical trips sounds packing! You are endlessly funny and fascinating my friend!

  4. It's nice to see someone else whose reader is as backed up as mine. Life is getting in the way, big time. Someday we'll blog. ;)

  5. Oooh, you had some good questions to answer!! The limited things to take on a trip has me all stressed out.

  6. I think everyone's having trouble regrouping since the holidays. I'm not up to par w/ the blog stuff either. Don't feel bad! We still love you.

    Love that you wore two pairs of undies!!

  7. Im still cracking up at assclam!!

  8. My reader is ALWAYS backed up, so much so I think it might need an enema. The culprits are a couple of prolific male bloggers whom I NEVER read, because their unread post numbers look so intimidating. Its a vicious cycle that may end one of these days in a purge. But not you lovely!

  9. That was some quick thinking on your part for the last question as to what you would pack!

    I like it!

  10. Those are great questions--and answers. I know what you mean about the blog reader overload. I can't keep up with all the new content!

  11. HeeeHeeee. I made you say underwear. I'm a big 6 year old. I do that with bras....If I find one I like I buy every single one they have.


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