Thursday, October 14, 2010

Up, Up and AWAY!

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Superheroes. They climb walls, they fly, they have cool cars, they have alter egos and they keep the world safe from the scum of the earth. As children, we watched the movies and the tv shows.

For Day 6 of "30 Days of Me", I'm to tell you who my favorite superhero was and why. You might be surprised to find that I'm not entirely sure who that person might be. How can you choose from so many seemingly amazing characters?

Superman - the dude can FLY! Full on, up in the air, carrying planes, FLY! And his cape isn't just for show like some other heroes. He can do things with his eyes that most men can only ever dream of and the only thing that can really bring him down is an ugly crystal.

Spiderman - so the climbing up walls thing is pretty cool but the suit was never my thing. Plus, while Superman was the somewhat hunky Clark Kent by day, Peter Parker was a bit of a dweeb. On the other hand, if you ever wanted to be tied up........

Wonder Woman - OOohhh look at her. She can spin. And deflect things with her wrists. Guess can I. Mind you, my wrist deflection usually involves me going one step further and bitch slapping someone, but it's still wrist action right?

Batman - For a guy with that much money, I'm a little disappointed that he keeps his gear stashed in a cave instead of a gold plated vault. Plus, the fact that he keeps a skinny minny, named after a bird, around for company is a bit odd. But the car......I'd leave my husband for that car.

Catwoman...yawn. Iron suit. Hellboy....scary, how'd he get hero status?

There's so many superheroes that it really is hard to pick one. I think some people might say a nice mash-up of all of them might be nice.

**I've linked up for all you uber geeks like The Man**

But those are all the big name people. What about the little guys? What about people like Captain Planet, She-Ra, Velma from Scooby Doo? Let's not forget about them!

For the purposes of this exercise, I think I'll choose one that I've always thought was kind of awesome.


She is all kinds of fantastic and her outfit is H-O-T.

So, who would YOU be?

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  1. Oh baby, give me some mind control powers and watch out. ;-)

  2. I always like Velma from Scooby Doo! In a geeky sorta way...

  3. I like Cat Woman. Cat Woman rocks! And she almost took down Batman too.

  4. I never totally got into the superhero thing but my husband did and now the kids LOVE them, although they've never actually seen any of the movies or shows. I have always dug Spiderman though. Lame, I know.

  5. As a kid, I was always fascinated by Plastic Man. He just stuck his arm out and it stretched like crazy!


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