Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's in a name?

For Day 2 of the "30 Days of Me", I am meant to tell y'all the meaning behind my blog name.


It's very simple. It's the name that I came up with in conjunction with the guy who originally set me up in the blog world. It was going to be something like Ramblings of a Busy Mom and instead turned into Mind of a Mad Woman. I try not think about its reflection on my mental state. I know I'm crazy, you know I'm crazy, let's call a spade a freakin' shovel shall we?

After I got torn apart over at The Site Who Shall Not Be Named Again, I seriously considered changing my blog name. After all, all the cool people have awesome blog names.

.......and SO many more.

I changed my mind. I'm embracing my Mad Woman status and everyone else can suck big hair monkey nuts. I reserve the right to change the look of my blog whenever I want though.

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  1. I really think that awful blog is meant for masochists, looking to be torn to bits. You, my dear, are just my kind of crazy.

  2. "Suck big monkey nuts"... love it!

  3. Love you, love the name, and love "Big Hair Monkey Nuts", which, btw, would be an awesome name for a blog. You'd better go scarf up that URL. :)

  4. I snorted at the monkey nuts line.

  5. We all seem to fit into our names, don't we? Mine, though, was picked because it was from a song I was listening to while sitting in front of my computer, trying to decide if I should start a blog or not!

  6. Good for you!
    I like my blog name too and will never change it.
    Even my car is named 'Diet Coke Rocks'! lol Well.. it's ROXY really. But I have diet coke rocks in lettering on the side of it! And my number plate is DC ROX!

  7. Oh, I love that you think my blog name is cool...but you know what? Yours is cool, damnit, don't chage!

  8. I have a cool blog name? Well, thank you. Do you know I'd never even read blogs when I started mine? It's all a total fluke! : )

  9. Glad you aren't changing - I clicked on your blog for the first time as a link from someone else's BECAUSE of the name. I thought, "life makes you nuts, this woman must get it" and you know what? You do!

  10. Don't change a thing, Madwoman. You're perfect just like you are!

  11. Most people cannot even pronounce my blog name. Apparently one chick thought it was A Magnet to Behold and was a religious blog...

    Otherwise they think it is about fonts or some dude named Magneto...


    Mind of a Mad Woman suits you. And me, it seems.


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